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2007Bega staying home leaving violence pilot : executive summary : 2004-2007McFerran, LudoElectronic publication 
2008The disappearing age : a strategy to address violence against womenMcFerran, LudoElectronic publication 
2009The disappearing age: a discussion paper on a strategy to address violence against older womenAustralian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse Topic PapersMcFerran, LudoElectronic publication 
2009The disappearing age: a strategy to address violence against older womenMcFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2012Domestic violence and the workplaceAustralian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse Fast FactsMcFerran, LudoFact Sheet 
2014An equality bargaining breakthrough: paid domestic violence leaveWright, Ingrid; McFerran, Ludo; Baird, MarianJournal Article 
2003A history of domestic violence, refuges and exclusion in AustraliaMcFerran, LudoElectronic publication 
2009In the BeginningMcFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2010It could be you : female, single, older and homelessMcFerran, LudoReport Section 
2012Keeping women safe at work : why domestic violence is a workplace issueMcFerran, Ludo; Walden, InaraJournal Article 
2012Keeping women safe at work: why domestic violence is a workplace issueWalden, Inara; McFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2011My job kept me going: supporting victims at workMcKenzie, Mandy; McFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2013Report on a scoping study into the effects of sexual violence on employees and the workplaceWalden, Inara; McFerran, LudoReport 
1989Report on batterers' programmes : to the New South Wales Domestic Violence CommitteeMcFerran, LudoReport 
2009'The road home': for the historically forgotten?McFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2010Safe at Home and Safe at Work: Minimising the Impact of ViolenceMcFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2013Safe at home, safe at work 2010-2013McFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2011Stalking and violence and the workplaceMcFerran, LudoJournal Article 
2009Staying home, staying safe: the value of domestic violence protection order provisions in homelessness strategiesMcFerran, Ludo; Wilcox, KarenJournal Article 
2007Taking back the castle: how Australia is making the home safer for women and childrenMcFerran, LudoNon-Fiction