Author Baird, Kathleen

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2021Australian hospital staff perceptions of barriers and enablers of domestic and family violence screening and responseCreedy, Debra K.; Baird, Kathleen; Gillespie, Kerri; Brandjerdporn, GraceJournal Article 
2023Australian women’s perspectives of routine enquiry into domestic violence before and after birthClonan, Tanya; O’Malley, Rosemary; Gillespie, Kerri; Branjerdporn, Grace; Boddy, Jennifer; Baird, KathleenJournal Article 
2021Cost of intimate partner violence during pregnancy and postpartum to health services: a data linkage study in Queensland, AustraliaCallander, Emily J.; Branjerdporn, Grace; Baird, Kathleen; Bull, Claudia; Creedy, Debra K; Gillespie, KerriJournal Article 
2022Domestic violence screening in a Public Mental Health Service: A qualitative examination of mental health clinician responses to DFVBranjerdporn, Grace; Carrasco, Angel; Tighe, Kym; Gillespie, Kerri; Baird, KathleenJournal Article 
2011Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS) of women experiencing domestic violence with a primary care training and support programme: a cluster randomised controlled trialRamsay, Jean; Griffiths, Chris; Gregory, Alison; Howell, Annie; Johnson, Medina; Rutterford, Clare; Sharp, Debbie; Feder, Gene; Davies, Roxane Agnew; Baird, Kathleen; Dunne, Danielle; Eldridge, SandraJournal Article 
2016Midwives' experiences of routine enquiry for intimate partner violence in pregnancyBaird, Kathleen; Eustace, Jennifer; Creedy, Debra K; Saito, Amornrat SJournal Article 
2021A multitheoretical perspective for addressing domestic and family violence: Supporting fathers to parent without harmBaird, Kathleen; Gatfield, Emma; O'Leary, Patrick; Meyer, SilkeJournal Article 
2020Red flags and gut feelings—Midwives’ perceptions of domestic and family violence screening and detection in a maternity departmentCreedy, Debra K; Baird, Kathleen; Gillespie, Kerri; Branjerdporn, GraceJournal Article 
2015Women's lived experiences of domestic violence during pregnancyBaird, KathleenJournal Article