Author Cortis, Natasha

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2021Adapting service delivery during COVID-19: Experiences of domestic violence practitionersvalentine, kylie; Cullen, Patricia; Breckenridge, Jan; Cortis, Natasha; Smyth, CiaraJournal Article 
4_6-Cortis-Bullen-150821-1.pdf.jpg2015Building effective policies and services to promote women's economic security following domestic violence : State of knowledgeCortis, Natasha; Bullen, JaneReport 
2021COVID-19 lockdowns, intimate partner violence and coercive controlCullen, Patricia; Cortis, Natasha; Breckenridge, Jan; Smyth, Ciara; valentine, kylieJournal Article 
ANROWS-Horizons-Report-Domestic-violence-and-womens-economic-security-2.pdf.jpg2016Domestic violence and women's economic security : building Australia's capacity for prevention and redress: Final reportBullen, Jane; Cortis, NatashaReport 
ANROWS-Compass-Report-Domestic-violence-and-womens-economic-security-1.pdf.jpg2016Domestic violence and womens economic security : building Australia's capacity for prevention and redress : key findings and future directionsBullen, Jane; Cortis, NatashaReport 
1800RESPECT-Evaluation_20200219-wp-4496.pdf.jpg2020Evaluation of 1800RESPECT – Final ReportCortis, Natasha; Giuntoli, Gianfranco; Smyth, Ciara; Cama, Elena; valentine, kylie; Breckenridge, JanReport 
2021Meeting community needs in difficult times: experience of Australia’s community sectorBlaxland, Megan; Cortis, NatashaReport 
2018National survey of workers in the domestic, family and sexual violence sectorsChen, Yu-wei; Cortis, Natasha; Blaxland, Megan; Breckenridge, Jan; valentine, kylie; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Cordier, Reinie; Green, DamianReport 
2016Researching the economic dimensions of domestic and family violence : information gaps and data strategiesBullen, Jane; Cortis, NatashaBooklet 
2016Responding to economic abuseBullen, Jane; Cortis, NatashaBooklet 
2016Supporting women to find and keep jobs following domestic violenceBullen, Jane; Cortis, NatashaBooklet 
2020Which Models of Supervision Help Retain Staff? Findings From Australia’s Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault WorkforcesSeymour, Kate; Cortis, Natasha; Wendt, Sarah; Natalier, KristinJournal Article 
2021Workplace violence against domestic and family violence and sexual assault workers: A gendered, settings-based approach.Cortis, Natasha; Natalier, Kristin; Wendt, Sarah; Seymour, KateJournal Article