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Author Fitz-Gibbon, Kate

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2022Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of prevalence, history of childhood victimisation and impactsMeyer, Silke; Maher, JaneMaree; Boxall, Hayley; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Roberts, StevenReport 
2022Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of service and support needs for young people who use family violenceFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Boxall, Hayley; Meyer, SilkeReport 
2023Cause of death: FemicideWalklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2020Combining Group-based Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators With Comorbid Substance Use: An Australian Study of Cross-sector Practitioner ViewsMeyer, Silke; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Burley, JessicaJournal Article 
2021Criminalisation and the violence(s) of the state: Criminalising men, punishing womenFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, SandraJournal Article 
2020Disclosing and sharing domestic violence information begins to pay offMcGowan, Jasmine; Maher, JaneMaree; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Benier, Kathryn; Burns, Kate; Seagrave, M; Pfitzner, Naomi; McCulloch, JudeElectronic publication 
2023Domestic and family violence perpetrator screening and risk assessment in Queensland: Current practice and future opportunitiesFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Meyer, Silke; Helps, NicolaJournal Article 
2023Domestic violence disclosure schemes: Policy overviewFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, Sandra; Reeves, EllenReport 
2022Domestic violence perpetrator programmes and neurodiversityFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Renehan, NicoleReport 
2022The effects of coercive control laws on Indigenous women and families [webinar]Robinson, Christine; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Schwartz, Thelma; Moliterno, Marisa; Crawford, Edwina; Brown, Rick; McLean, Sally; Indigenous Justice ClearinghouseVideo 
2016The efficacy of Clare's Law in domestic violence law reform in England and WalesWalklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2020Eliminating All Forms of Violence against All Women and Girls: Some Criminological Reflections on the Challenges of Measuring Success and Gauging ProgressFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, Sandra; Jarrett, Blaustein; Kate, Fitz-Gibbon; Nathan, W. Pino; Rob, WhiteChapter 
2020The Emerald Handbook of Crime, Justice and Sustainable DevelopmentFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Blaustein, Jarrett; White, Robert J; Pino, Nathan 
2020The Emerald Handbook of Feminism, Criminology and Social ChangeMcCulloch, Jude; Walklate, Sandra; Maher, JaneMaree; Fitz-Gibbon, Katebook 
2021Ensuring access to justice for women experiencing family violence beyond the pandemicnce beyond the pandemic experiencing family violence beyond the pandemicPfitzner, Naomi; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2020Evaluation of the Victoria Police Digitally Recorded Evidence-in-Chief Family Violence Trial: Final ReportSegrave, Marie; McCulloch, Jude; Pfitzner, Naomi; Maher, JaneMaree; Fitz-Gibbon, KateReport 
FVISS_20Review_20Final_20Report.pdf.jpg2020Family Safety Victoria Review of the Family Violence Information Sharing Legislative SchemeSegrave, Marie; Maher, JaneMaree; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Benier, Kathryn; Pfitzner, Naomi; McGowan, Jasmine; Burns, Kate; McCulloch, JudeReport 
2020Family violence perpetrator screening and risk assessment: Research briefFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Bartlett, Tess; Meyer, SilkeReport 
2022From workplace sabotage to embedded supports: Examining the impact of domestic and family violence across Australian workplacesBrewer, S; McNicol, E.; Fitz-Gibbon, KateReport 
2018Gender, crime and criminal justice(Eds.); Walklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateNon-Fiction