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2021Beyond co-occurrence: Addressing the intersections of domestic violence, mental health and substance misuseTsantefski, Menka; Healey, Lucy; Isobe, Jasmin; Humphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, SusanJournal Article 
2008Building the evidence : a report on the status of policy and practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in VictoriaHumphreys, Catherine; Julian, Felicity; Jennings, Chris; Healey, Lucy; Howe, KeranReport 
2018Case reading as a practice and training intervention in domestic violence and child protectionMandel, David; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyJournal Article 
2018The Collaborative practice framework for child protection and specialist domestic and family violence services : Bridging the research and practice divideConnolly, Marie; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyJournal Article 
Patricia_Compass.pdf.jpg2017The Collaborative Practice Framework for Child Protection and Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Services—the PATRICIA Project: Key findings and future directionsConnolly, Marie; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyReport 
2020A critical interpretive synthesis of the intersection of domestic violence with parental issues of mental health and substance misuseIsobe, Jasmin; Healey, Lucy; Humphreys, CathyJournal Article 
2020Developing communities of practice to drive research and practice change in the domestic and family violence arenaLinks, Erin; Tsantefski, Menka; Isobe, Jasmin; Toivonen, Cherie; Young, Amy; Webber, Martin; Joubert, Lynette; Wilde, Tracy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyBook Chapter 
2019Fathers who use domestic violence: Organisational capacity building and practice developmentHumphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Healey, LucyJournal Article 
2013Governance and interagency responses : improving practice for regional governance - a continuum matrixAustralian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse Topic PapersHealey, Lucy; Wilcox, Karen; Humphreys, CatherineElectronic publication 
2013Inclusive domestic violence standards: strategies to improve interventions for women with disabilities?Humphreys, Catherine; Howe, Keran; Healey, LucyJournal Article 
2013Inclusive Domestic Violence Standards: Strategies to Improve Interventions for Women With Disabilities?Howe, Keran; Healey, Lucy; Humphreys, CatherineJournal Article 
Healey-et-al-Research-Report-Invisible-Practices.pdf.jpg2018Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violenceHumphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Healey, Lucy; Mandel, DavidReport 
Healey-et-al-RtPP-Invisible-Practices.pdf.jpg2018Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violence; Key findings and future directionsHealey, Lucy; Mandel, David; Chung, Donna; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, CathyReport 
2008Northern Crisis and Advocacy Response Service (CARS) : evaluation October 2008Healey, Lucy; Diemer, Kristin; Humphreys, Catherine; Frere, Marion; Ross, StuartReport 
Patricia_Horizons_final.pdf.jpg2017PAThways and Research Into Collaborative Inter-Agency practice : collaborative work across the child protection and specialist domestic and family violence interface : the PATRICIA Project. Final reportHumphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyReport 
14_4_5-Landscapes-PATRICIA_F_0.pdf.jpg2015The PATRICIA Project: PAThways and Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working : state of knowledgeHealey, Lucy; Mildon, Robyn; Humphreys, Cathy; Albers, Bianca; Macvean, Michelle; Spada-Rinaldis, Sophia; Parolini, Arno; Connolly, MarieReport 
Patricia-Summary-of-Pathways-FINAL-0608.pdf.jpg2017The PATRICIA Project: Summary of the Pathways componentMa, Jennifer; Humphreys, Cathy; Katz, Ilan; Shlonsky, Aron; Healey, LucyBooklet 
2017The PATRICIA Project: Summary of the Safe and Together case reading to develop domestic and family violence-informed child protection practiceHumphreys, Cathy; Healey, Lucy; Mandel, DavidBooklet 
Patricia-Scoping-Review-FINAL-0608.pdf.jpg2017The PATRICIA Project: Summary of the scoping review on interagency working between child protection, specialist domestic and family violence services, and family lawMildon, Robyn; Connolly, Marie; Albers, Bianca; Macvean, Michelle; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyBooklet 
2018Practice guide: Invisible Practices Working with fathers who use violenceHealey, Lucy; Mandel, Dave; Chung, Donna; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, Cathymisc