Author Heward-Belle, Susan

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22-Feb-2024Analysis of linked longitudinal administrative data on child protection involvement for NSW families with domestic and family violence, alcohol and other drug issues and mental health issuesLuu, Betty; Wright, Amy Conley; Schurer, Stefanie; Metcalfe, Laura; Heward-Belle, Susan; Collings, Susan; Barrett, Emma; ANROWSReport 
2021Beyond co-occurrence: Addressing the intersections of domestic violence, mental health and substance misuseTsantefski, Menka; Healey, Lucy; Isobe, Jasmin; Humphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, SusanJournal Article 
2021COVID-19 and domestic violence: Impact to mental healthAli, Parveen Azam; Heward-Belle, Susan; Rogers, MichaelaJournal Article 
2021Critical interpretive synthesis: Child protection involvement for families with domestic and family violence, alcohol and other drug issues, and mental health issuesMetcalfe, Laura; Barrett, Emma; Collings, Susan; Heward-Belle, Susan; Conley Wright, AmyReport 
2020Developing communities of practice to drive research and practice change in the domestic and family violence arenaLinks, Erin; Tsantefski, Menka; Isobe, Jasmin; Toivonen, Cherie; Young, Amy; Webber, Martin; Joubert, Lynette; Wilde, Tracy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyBook Chapter 
2015The diverse fathering practices of men who perpetrate domestic violenceHeward-Belle, SusanJournal Article 
2020Evidencing better child protection practice: why representations of domestic violence matterDe Simone, Tracey; Heward-Belle, SusanJournal Article 
2019Fathers who use domestic violence: Organisational capacity building and practice developmentHumphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Healey, LucyJournal Article 
Healey-et-al-Research-Report-Invisible-Practices.pdf.jpg2018Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violenceHumphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Healey, Lucy; Mandel, DavidReport 
Healey-et-al-RtPP-Invisible-Practices.pdf.jpg2018Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violence; Key findings and future directionsHealey, Lucy; Mandel, David; Chung, Donna; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, CathyReport 
2022Misunderstandings, misalignments, and motivation for changing systems: Professionals' accounts of working with families experiencing domestic and family violence in the child protection systemLovell, Renee; Tucker, Hayden; Luong, Melissa; Heward-Belle, Susan; Melander, NinaJournal Article 
2022Participatory practice guideline development at the intersections of domestic and family violence, mental distress and/or parental substance useKertesz, Margaret; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, Cathy; Heward-Belle, Susan; Isobe, JasminJournal Article 
2018Practice guide: Invisible Practices Working with fathers who use violenceHealey, Lucy; Mandel, Dave; Chung, Donna; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, Cathymisc 
RP_19_01_RR_Humphreys_STACY-for-children.pdf.jpg2020Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY for Children (STACY for Children)Tan, Wei Wu; Kertesz, Margaret; Tsantefski, Menka; Heward-Belle, Susan; O'Leary, Patrick; Isobe, Jasmin; Jeffreys, Colleen; Fogden, Larissa; Young, Amy; Bornemisza, Anna; Humphreys, Cathy; Parolini, Arno; Healey, LucyReport