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Author Higgins, Daryl

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2011Child protection and family law : joining the dotsNCPC issuesHiggins, Daryl; Kaspiew, RaeJournal Article 
2005Chronic and isolated maltreatment in a child protection sampleBromfield, Leah; Higgins, DarylJournal Article 
2010Community development approaches to safety and wellbeing of Indigenous children : a resource sheet produced for the Closing the Gap ClearinghouseResource sheetHiggins, DarylFact Sheet 
2015Conceptualising the prevention of child sexual abuse : final reportSiegel, Natalie; Quadara, Antonia; Nagy, Vicky; Higgins, DarylReport 
2011Effective practices for service delivery coordination in Indigenous communitiesResource sheetLohoar, Shaun; Higgins, Daryl; Stewart, JacquiFact Sheet 
2012Good and innovative practice in service delivery to vulnerable and disadvantaged families and childrenCFCA PaperNair, Lalitha; Higgins, Daryl; Robinson, Elly; Scott, Debbie; Meredith, VeronicaJournal Article 
2022New Ways for Our Families: Designing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practice framework and system responses to address the impacts of domestic and family violence on children and young peopleMitchell, Beverley; Clancy, Kristy; Gray, Tracy; Jia, Thomas; Hostalek, Mary; Gibson, Jamie; Lea, Traven; Trew, Sebastian; Cahill, Alex; Higgins, Daryl; Barber, Ursula; Morgan, Garth; Butler, Candice; French, Reno; Creamer, Tamara; Hillan, Lisa; Ruggiero, Eva; Parsons, Jennifer; Prior, Gareth; Idagi, Lela; Bruce, RachelReport 
8_a_population_approach_to_the_prevention_of_child_maltreatment.pdf.jpg2018A population approach to the prevention of child maltreatment: Rationale and implications for research, policy and practiceHiggins, Daryl; Prinz, Ronald; Sanders, Matthew RReport 
2011Protecting Australia's children research audit (1995–2010) : final reportHiggins, Daryl; Lamont, Alister; valentine, kylie; McDonald, MyfanwyReport 
2011Protecting children: evolving systemsHiggins, DarylJournal Article 
2013Rarely an isolated incident : acknowledging the interrelatedness of child maltreatment, victimisation and traumaCFCA PaperWall, Liz; Higgins, Daryl; Price-Robertson, Rhys; Rush, PenelopeJournal Article 
op52_safe_families_final_accessible_pdf_6_8_14.pdf.jpg2014A safe and supportive family environment for children: Key components and links to child outcomesHiggins, Daryl; Mullan, KillianReport 
2016Trauma-informed care in child/family welfare servicesHiggins, Daryl; Wall, Liz; Hunter, CathrynJournal Article 
2018Understanding situational crime prevention for child sexual abuse : what services need to knowHiggins, Daryl; Morley, SamReport