Author Hourani, Jeanine

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2022How structural and symbolic violence during resettlement impacts the social and mental wellbeing of forced migrant women: The lived experiences of Arabic speaking survivors of IPV resettled in Melbourne, AustraliaBlock, Karen; Murray, Linda; Hourani, Jeanine; Jarallah, Yara; Vaughan, Cathy; Hach, Maria; Chen, JasminJournal Article 
2021“It’s about building a network of support”: Australian service provider experiences supporting refugee survivors of sexual and gender-based violenceBlock, Karen; Vaughan, Cathy; Sullivan, Claire; Hourani, JeanineJournal Article 
2020Multicultural and Settlement services Supporting women experiencing violence: The MuSeS projectMurray, Linda; Sandhu, Monisha; Hourani, Jeanine; Jarallah, Yara; Zannettino, Lana; Gregoric, Carolyn; Khaw, Sarah; Murdolo, Adele; Block, Karen; Vaughan, Cathy; Chen, Jasmin; Sullivan, Claire; Suha, MariyamReport 
2021Structural and symbolic violence exacerbates the risks and consequences of sexual and gender-based violence for forced migrant womenHourani, Jeanine; Block, Karen; Phillimore, Jenny; Bradby, Hannah; Ozcurumez, Saime; Goodson, Lisa; Vaughan, CathyJournal Article 
2021“We are forgotten”: Forced migration, sexual and gender-based violence, and coronavirus disease-2019Phillimore, Jenny; Pertek, Sandra; Akyuz, Selin; Darkal, Hoayda; Hourani, Jeanine; McKnight, Pip; Ozcurumez, Saime; Taal, SarahJournal Article