Author O'Leary, Patrick

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2022Adverse childhood experiences among youth who offend: Examining exposure to domestic and family violence for male youth who perpetrate sexual harm and violenceThomsen, Lisa; Harris, Danielle Arlanda; Ogilvie, James; Barton, Jodie; O'Leary, Patrick; Rynne, JohnReport 
2009Domestic violence and child protection: partnerships and collaborationPotito, Christine; O'Leary, Patrick; Carson, Ed; Day, AndrewJournal Article 
2009Domestic violence – working with men : research, practice experiences and integrated responsesO'Leary, Patrick; Justo, Donna; Chung, Donna; Day, AndrewNon-Fiction 
2022Exploring the onset, duration, and temporal ordering of adverse childhood experiences in young people adjudicated for sexual offences: A longitudinal qualitative study.Barton, Jodie; Rynne, John; Ogilvie, James; Thomsen, Lisa; Harris, Danielle Arlanda; O'Leary, PatrickReport 
2021High-Risk Cases at the Intersection of Domestic/Family Violence and Child Protection: Learning from PracticeTsantefski, Menka; O'Leary, Patrick; Wilde, Tracy; Young, AmyJournal Article 
Chung-RR-Improved-Accountability.pdf.jpg2020Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systemsWilkes-Gillan, Sarah; Green, Damian; Pracilio, Amy; Young, Amy; Gore, Ashlee; Watts, Lynelle; Speyer, Renee; Bissett, Tallace; Anderson, Sarah; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Upton-Davis, Karen; Cordier, Reinie; Campbell, Elena; Wong, Tim; Salter, Michael; Austen, Siobhan; O'Leary, Patrick; Breckenridge, Jan; Vlais, RodneyReport 
2012Improving policy and practice responses for men who are sexually abused in childhoodACSSA WrapFoster, Gary; O'Leary, Patrick; Boyd, CameronJournal Article 
2010Integrated responses to domestic violence : legally mandated intervention programs for male perpetratorsTrends and issues in crime and criminal justiceJusto, Donna; Carson, Ed; Day, Andrew; Chung, Donna; O'Leary, Patrick; Moore, Susan; Gerace, AdamJournal Article 
2021A multitheoretical perspective for addressing domestic and family violence: Supporting fathers to parent without harmBaird, Kathleen; Gatfield, Emma; O'Leary, Patrick; Meyer, SilkeJournal Article 
2009Programs for men who perpetrate domestic violence: an examination of the issues underlying the effectiveness of intervention programsChung, Donna; Carson, Ed; O'Leary, Patrick; Day, AndrewJournal Article 
RP_19_01_RR_Humphreys_STACY-for-children.pdf.jpg2020Safe & Together Addressing ComplexitY for Children (STACY for Children)Tan, Wei Wu; Kertesz, Margaret; Tsantefski, Menka; Heward-Belle, Susan; O'Leary, Patrick; Isobe, Jasmin; Jeffreys, Colleen; Fogden, Larissa; Young, Amy; Bornemisza, Anna; Humphreys, Cathy; Parolini, Arno; Healey, LucyReport 
2006Sexual violence offenders: Prevention and intervention approachesChung, Donna; Hand, Tammy; O'Leary, PatrickJournal Article 
2022Technology-facilitated abuse against women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: A scoping review of the literatureLiang, Jianqiang; Leyton Zamora, Carolina; Boddy, Jennifer; O'Leary, PatrickJournal Article