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2018Child sexual abuse : socio-legal intersections of practiceBreckenridge, Jan; Salter, MichaelBook Chapter 
2012Contributing to the Prevention of Domestic Violence Related Homicide: A Multi-Systemic Practice Response FrameworkBreckenridge, J; Salter, Michael; Nackray, KBook Chapter 
2017Crime, justice and social mediaSalter, MichaelNon-Fiction 
2015Cultures of abuse: 'Sex grooming', organised abuse and race in Rochdale, UKDagistanli, Selda; Salter, MichaelJournal Article 
2020“A deep wound under my heart”: Constructions of complex trauma and implications for women’s wellbeing and safety from violenceMartin Monzon, Beatriz; Conroy, Elizabeth; Dragiewicz, Molly; Burke, Jackie; Ussher, Jane; Middleton, Warwick; Vilenica, Sheryle; Salter, Michael; Noack-Lundberg, KyjaReport 
2021Digital media and domestic violence in Australia: essential contextsSalter, Michael; Dragiewicz, Molly; Harris, Bridget; Woodlock, DelanieJournal Article 
2017Doing sustainable trauma researchSalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2019Domestic violence and communication technology: Survivor experiences of intrusion, surveillance, and identity crimeSalter, Michael; Dragiewicz, Molly; Harris, Bridget; Woodlock, Delanie; Easton, Helen; Milne, Lulu; Leach, Jhan; Campbell, Helen; Lynch, AngelaReport 
2011Final Report - Staying Home Leaving Violence Evaluation FrameworkBreckenridge, J; Salter, Michael; Hamer, JReport 
2020Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men’s Attitudes and Understandings of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual AssaultUllman, Jacqueline; Salter, Michael; Robinson, Kerry H.; Denson, Nida; Huppatz, Kate E.; Bansel, Peter; Noonan, Kai; Ovenden, GeorgiaJournal Article 
2012Gender, use and abuse: Sexually abused women in alcohol and drug treatmentBreckenridge, J; Salter, Michael; Nackray, KBook Chapter 
2013Grace’s Story: Prolonged Incestuous Abuse From Childhood Into AdulthoodSalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2022‘If i’m not real, i’m not having an impact’: Relationality and vicarious resistance in complex trauma careDragiewicz, Molly; Woodlock, Delanie; Burke, Jackie; Conroy, Elizabeth; Salter, MichaelJournal Article 
Chung-RR-Improved-Accountability.pdf.jpg2020Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systemsWilkes-Gillan, Sarah; Green, Damian; Pracilio, Amy; Young, Amy; Gore, Ashlee; Watts, Lynelle; Speyer, Renee; Bissett, Tallace; Anderson, Sarah; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Upton-Davis, Karen; Cordier, Reinie; Campbell, Elena; Wong, Tim; Salter, Michael; Austen, Siobhan; O'Leary, Patrick; Breckenridge, Jan; Vlais, RodneyReport 
2012Invalidation: A Neglected Dimension of Gender-based Violence and InequalitySalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2015"It's an ethical, moral and professional dilemma I think": Domestic violence workers' understandings of women's use of violence in relationshipsSalter, Michael; Mottram, BridgetJournal Article 
2012Managing recidivism amongst high risk violent menSalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2012Managing recidivism amongst high risk violent menSalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2014Multi-perpetrator domestic violenceSalter, MichaelJournal Article 
2018Organized abuse in adulthood : survivor and professional perspectivesSalter, MichaelJournal Article