Subject: Impact of violence

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2017Academic correlates of unwanted sexual contact, intercourse, stalking, and intimate partner violence : an understudied but important consequence for college studentsWard, Sally K; Banyard, Victoria L; Demers, Jennifer M; Cohn, Ellen S; Edwards, Katie M; Moynihan, Mary M; Walsh, Wendy AJournal Article 
2018Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Impact on Brain, Body and BehavioursGonzalez, Andrea; PreVAIL Research Network; Offord Centre for Child StudiesVideo 
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2017Change the course : national report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universitiesAustralian Human Rights CommissionReport 
2018Child sexual abuse perpetrators : what forensic nurses need to knowHorner, GailJournal Article 
2017Children bereaved by fatal intimate partner violence : a population-based study into demographics, family characteristics and homicide exposureGroot, Arend; Van de Putte, Elise; Stroeken, Tielke; Snetselaar, Hanneke; Alisic, EvaJournal Article 
2018Children's perspectives on life and well-being after parental intimate partner homicideVan de Putte, Elise; Alisic, Eva; Groot, Arend; Snetselaar, Hanneke; Stroeken, Tielke; Hehenkamp, LieveJournal Article 
2018Children, domestic violence, and gunsZeoli, April MReport 
2018Coercive control : impacts on children and young people in the family environmentMcLeod, DanielleReport 
2018Domestic and family violence : a real workplace issue for women. Discussion paperReinheimer, Alexis; Pan, Na; Ellwood, Madeline; Rodriguez, Krisian; Mense, CarolineReport 
2018Domestic and family violence and its relationship to child protectionQueensland Domestic and Family Violence Research CentreReport 
2019Domestic violence exposure and peer relationships: Exploring the role of coercive control exposureHaselschwerdt, Megan L; Hlavaty, KathleenJournal Article 
2018Dreams deferred : a survey on the impact of intimate partner violence on survivors' education, careers, and economic securityHess, Cynthia; Del Rosario, AlonaReport 
2017Exposure to domestic violence and abuse : evidence of distinct physical and psychological dimensionsMuldoon, Orla T; Naughton, Catherine M; O'Donnell, Aisling TJournal Article 
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2019Filicide offendersBrown, Thea; Tyson, Danielle; Lyneham, Samantha; Bryant, Willow; Bricknell, Samantha; Fernandez Arias, PaulaReport 
2017How complex developmental trauma, residential out-of-home care and contact with the justice system intersectMendes, Philip; Bollinger, Jenna; Scott-Smith, StephanieJournal Article