Subject: Knowledge translation and exchange

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2021Creating an action plan to advance knowledge translation in a domestic violence research network: a deliberative dialogueHegarty, Kelsey L; Cameron, Jacqui; Humphreys, Cathy; Kothari, AnitaJournal Article 
2017Effectively engaging stakeholders and the public in developing violence prevention messagesKothari, Anita; Boyko, Jennifer A; Wathen, C NadineJournal Article 
2018Embracing complexity and uncertainty to create impact : Exploring the processes and transformative potential of co-produced research through development of a social impact modelFarr, Michelle; le May, Andree; Wye, Lesley; Kothari, Anita; Beckett, KateJournal Article 
2018Implementing a novel approach to knowledge translation with a research networkCameron, JacquiVideo 
2016Knowledge dissemination of intimate partner violence intervention studies measured using alternative metrics : results from a scoping reviewLi, Chuan Silvia; Scott, Taryn; Domazetoska, Elena; Dosanjh, Pritnek; Thabane, Lehana; Sprague, Sheila; Bhandari, Mahit; Madden, Kim; Evaniew, NathanJournal Article 
2015Review of the evdience on knowledge translation and exchangeDevine, Ben; Wade, Catherine; Spalding, Kate; Mildon, Robyn; Falkiner, Jessica; Macvean, Michelle; Forbes, FayeReport 
ANROWS-Compass-Review-of-the-evidence-on-knowledge-translation-and-exchange-in-the-violence-against-women-field.pdf.jpg2015Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field : key findings and future directionsMacvean, Michelle; Spalding, Kate; Mildon, Robyn; Devine, Ben; Falkiner, Jessica; Wade, Catherine; Forbes, FayeReport 
ANROWS-Landscapes-Review-of-the-evidence-on-knowledge-translation-and-exchange-in-the-violence-against-women-field_0.pdf.jpg2015Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field: State of knowledgeSpalding, KateReport 
2016Social media, knowledge translation, and action on the social determinants of health and health equity : a survey of public health practicesMazzucco, Agnes; Ndumbe-Eyoh, SumeJournal Article 
2017Translating research about domestic and family violence into practice in Australia : possibilities and prospectsHegarty, Kelsey L; Tarzia, Laura; Humphreys, CathyJournal Article