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2020Earlier Contact with Child Protection Services Among Children of Parents With Criminal Convictions and Mental DisordersWhitten, Tyson; Green, Melissa J.; Carr, Vaughan J.; Harris, Felicity; Laurens, Kristin R.; Li, Rebecca; Dean, KimberlieJournal Article 
Early+Engagement+Safer+Families+Centre+301020.pdf.jpg2020Early engagement with families in the health sector to address domestic abuse and family violence: Policy directionsHumphreys, Cathy; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Gleeson, Simone; Wheeler, J; Brown, Stephanie; Tarzia, Laura; Hooker, LeesaReport 
2008Early evaluation of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004Westmarland, Nicole; Williamson, Emma; Pearce, Julia; Hester, MarianneElectronic publication 
2008Early evaluation of the Integrated Domestic Violence Court, CroydonHester, Marianne; Westmarland, Nicole; Pearce, JuliaReport 
2002An early identification and intervention model for domestic violenceBonner, Michelle; Ramsden, ClairJournal Article 
2010Early identification and prevention of parent–child alienation: a framework for balancing risks and benefits of interventionAshbourne, Dan; Mamo, Alfred A; Jaffe, Peter GJournal Article 
2002Early intervention in the welfare sectorOberin, JulieJournal Article 
2006Early life stress and adult emotional experience: An international perspectiveSweet, L; Gunstad, J; Hitsman, B. L; McCaffery, J; Niaura, R; Gordon, E; Bryant, R. A; MacFarlane, A; Cohen, R. A; Paul, R. H; Stroud, LJournal Article 
2016Early mortality from external causes in Aboriginal mothers : a retrospective cohort studyShepherd, Carrington; Fairthorne, Jenny; Walker, Roz; de Klerk, NickJournal Article 
2016Early parenting styles and sexual offending behavior : a comparative studyNobre, Pedro J; Sigre-Leiros, Vera; Carvalho, JoanaJournal Article 
2004Early stages in the development of the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP) : implementing the Duluth domestic violence pathfinderHome Office Online ReportHatcher, Ruth; Bilby, CharlotteReport 
2021Early treatment change in perpetrators of sexual versus non-sexual violenceKeulen-de Vos, Marije; Benbouriche, MassilJournal Article 
2003Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter February 2003Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2005Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter February 2005Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2002Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter June 2002Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2003Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter June 2003Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2005Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter June 2005Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2004Eastern Family Violence Network Newsletter October 2004Eastern Family Violence Networkserial 
2014Eastern Media Advocacy Project : evaluation reportPatrick, Rebecca; Kyle, AnneReport 
2006Ecological predictors of traumatic stress symptoms in Causasian and ethnic minority children exposed to intimate partner violenceLynch, Shannon; Thomas, Shirley A; Graham-Bermann, Sandra A; De Voe, Ellen R; Mattis, Jacqueline SJournal Article