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2018"I can be your Tinder nightmare": Harassment and misogyny in the online sexual marketplaceThompson, LauraJournal Article 
2013'I couldn't even dress the way I wanted..' Young women talk of 'ownership' by boyfriends: an opportunity for the prevention of domestic violence?Scott, Hazel; Towns, Alison JJournal Article 
2004"I couldn't go anywhere" - contextualizing violence and drug abuse: a social network studyJohnson, Janice; James, Susan E; Raghavan, ChitraJournal Article 
2005"I didn't do it, but if I did I had a good reason": minimization, denial, and attributions of blame among male and female domestic violence offendersHoldford, Robert; Henning, Kris; Jones, Angela RJournal Article 
2022‘I didn’t even know it was a thing’: Australian young adults’ experience of economic abuseKutin, Jozica Johanna; Reid, Mike; Russell, RoslynJournal Article 
2010“I didn’t want to put them through that”: the influence of children on victim decision-making in intimate partner violence casesDichter, Melissa E; Barg, Frances K; Kothari, Catherine L; Rhodes, Karin V; Cerulli, CatherineJournal Article 
2020‘I had no control over my body’: Women’s experiences of reproductive coercion in Aotearoa New ZealandThorburn, Natalie; Burry, Kate; Jury, AngJournal Article 
2010‘I hate the word “victim”’: an exploration of recognition of domestic violence in same sex relationshipsDonovan, Catherine; Hester, MarianneJournal Article 
2002‘I have learnt how to ask questions’: implementing screening for domestic violenceCampillo, Lydia; Bonner, Michelle; Cosier, GwenConference Paper 
2009'I have seen violence towards women every day of my life': Australia, 2009 [Address to the Indigenous Family Violence Forum, Canberra, 31 January 2009.]Price, Bess NungarrayiJournal Article 
2005I have the right [set of coasters]NSW PoliceDrink coaster 
2001I have the right to feel safe from violencePartnerships Against Domestic ViolencePoster 
1992"I just couldn't stop them". Western Australian children living with domestic violence : a study of the children's experiences experiences and service provisionBlanchard, Anne; Brown, Lorraine; Molloy, FrankReport 
2022“I just felt like I was running around in a circle”: Listening to the voices of victims and perpetrators to transform responses to intimate partner violenceTarzia, Laura; McKenzie, Mandy; McLindon, Elizabeth; Addison, Matt; Valpied, Jodie; Hameed, Mohajer; Kyei-Onanjiri, Minerva; Baloch, Surriya; Diemer, Kristin; Hegarty, Kelsey LReport 
2004"I just let him have his way": partner violence in the lives of low-income, teenage mothersRosen, DanielJournal Article 
1998"I just want the violence to stop..." [leaflet]Illawarra Committee Against Domestic ViolenceLeaflet 
2015'I just wanted somewhere safe' : women who are homeless with their childrenKeys, Deborah; Turner, Alina; Bodzak, Daria; Kirkman, MaggieJournal Article 
Young_Country_Womens_Perceptions_of_Intimate_Partner_Violence.pdf.jpg2019‘I just wanted to keep my boyfriend happy’: Young country women’s perceptions of intimate partner violenceMackenzie, Catherine; Mackay, TanyaReport 
2010"I lived in fear because I knew nothing" : barriers to the justice system faced by CALD women experiencing family violenceinTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family ViolenceElectronic publication 
2001I love you, but I can't see you anymore: applying for intervention ordersStephen, LucasJournal Article