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2020Lady Injustice: The Moderating Effect of Ambivalent Sexism in a Mock Case of Intimate Partner HomicideAnderson, Joel R.; Cutroni, LauraJournal Article 
Landscapes-of-Violence-online-pdf-version.pdf.jpg2014Landscapes of violence : women surviving family violence in regional and rural VictoriaGeorge, Amanda; Harris, BridgetReport 
2016Language competence in forensic interviews for suspected child sexual abuseTishelman, Amy C; Fontes, Lisa AJournal Article 
2019Language influences mass opinion toward gender and LGBT equalityTavits, Margit; Perez, Efren O.Report 
2010The language of healing: women's voicesWozniak, Danielle F; Neuman Allen, KarenJournal Article 
2012Language, gender and 'reality' : violence against womenBartels, Lorana; Bradford, Sally; Easteal, Patricia WeiserJournal Article 
2012Language, gender and ‘reality’: violence against womenBartels, Lorana; Bradford, Sally; Easteal, PatriciaJournal Article 
2012The last frontier : practice guidelines for treatment of complex trauma and trauma informed care and service deliveryKezelman, Cathy; Stavropoulos, PamElectronic publication 
2013The last resort : pathways to justiceHoward, JoReport 
2004The last tabooCohen, DawnJournal Article 
2022The lasting impact of family and domestic violence on neonatal health outcomesPreen, David B.; Orr, Carol; Kelty, Erin; Fisher, Colleen; O'Donnell, Melissa; Glauert, RebeccaJournal Article 
2015Late-life homicide-suicide: a national case series in New ZealandFriedman, Susan Hatters; Cheung, Gary; Sundram, FrederickJournal Article 
2016Law and abuse : representations of intimate partner homicide in law procedural dramasCampbell, Jaime AThesis 
2005The law and sexual offences against adults in AustraliaHeath, MaryNon-Fiction 
2022Law enforcement experience report: Domestic violence survivors' survey regarding interaction with law enforcementCook, Marjorie; Goodmark, LeighReport 
2004Law enforcement involved domestic abuseGraves, AlexJournal Article 
2002The law in Australia : a community education project for women of non-English speaking backgroundsWomen's Legal Centre (ACT & Region) IncReport 
Law_20Informed_20-_20Final.pdf.jpg9999Law informed: The value of telephone legal information services to clientsMirrlees-Black, CatrionaReport 
2006Law reform: time for changeCarr, JoannaJournal Article 
2012Law's indifference to women's experience of violence: Colonial and contemporary AustraliaEasteal, P; Ailwood, S; Kennedy, JJournal Article