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2015P03 Baseline characteristics and early mental health sequelae in adolescents presenting after sexual assaultGoddard, A; Armitage, AJ; Kramer, T; Wellings, K; Welch, JM; Khadr, SN; Viner, RM; Clarke, VJournal Article 
2016PACFA submission to the Consultation on Sexual Assault Counselling PrivilegeBrett, MariaReport 
1997Pacific-Asian immigrant and refugee women who kill their batterers: telling stories that illustrate the significance of specificityTolmie, JuliaJournal Article 
Paid-DFV-Leave-Evidence-Summary-ANROWS.pdf.jpg2019Paid domestic and family violence (DFV) leaveAustralia's National Research Organisation for Women's SafetyFact Sheet 
2010Paid pipers: confronting the problems associated with experts in the justice systemWrennall, LynneJournal Article 
2015Painting indignity / painting in dignity : art-making in response to gender-based violenceMcIntyre, KarenJournal Article 
2014Palermo et al. respond to “Disclosure of gender-based violence”Bleck, Jennifer; Peterman, Amber; Palermo, TiaJournal Article 
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2021The Palgrave handbook of gendered violence and technologyPowell, Anastasia; Flynn, Asher; Sugiura, Lisatext 
2021The Palgrave Handbook of Gendered Violence and TechnologyClough, Jonathan; Cooke, Talani; Powell, Anastasia; Flynn, Asher; Sugiura, LisaBook Chapter 
2020The Palgrave International Handbook of Human TraffickingWinterdyk, John; Jones, Jackiebook 
2005Pallert Tooree Larr : Bendigo and district Indigenous domestic and family violence program [brochure]The Bendigo & District Indigenous Community, Annie North Inc and Loddon Mallee Housing ServiceLeaflet 
2020The pandemic paradox: The consequences of COVID-19 on domestic violenceIsham, Louise; Bradbury-Jones, CarolineJournal Article 
2020Pandemics and Violence Against Women and ChildrenPotts, Alina; Peterman, Amber; O'Donnell, Megan; van Gelder, Nicole; Oertelt-Prigione, Sabine; Shah, Niyati; Thompson, KellyReport 
2011Pandora doesn't live here anymore: normalization of screening for intimate partner violence in Australian antenatal, mental health, and substance abuse servicesPoulos, Roslyn G; Zwi, Anthony B; Spangaro, JoJournal Article 
2011Pandora Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Normalization of Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in Australian Antenatal, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse ServicesPoulos, R. G; Spangaro, Jo; Zwi, Anthony BJournal Article 
2002Pandora's many faces: culture and difference in family doctors' responses to intimate partner violence against womenTaft, AngelaConference Paper 
2007Papa elephant sees red [Chinese] [English]/Loi, Jessy; Huang, Chun-ling; Chen, Li-juNon-Fiction 
2011“Paper abuse”: when all else fails, batterers use procedural stalkingMiller, Susan L; Smolter, Nicole LJournal Article