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9999QCDFVR Webinar – Supporting clients with intellectual, or cognitive disabilities experiencing domestic and family violenceBerrie, Leona; Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Researchvideorecording 
2006Quali-quantitative analysis (QQA): Why it could open new frontiers for holistic health practiceBell, EJournal Article 
1999A qualitative analysis of how physicians with expertise in domestic violence approach the identification of victimsCaspers, Nona; Bronstone, Amy; Gerbert, BarbaraJournal Article 
2016A qualitative analysis of offenders' emotional responses to perpetrating sexual assaultSwartout, Kevin M; Parrott, Dominic J; Cook, Sarah L; Brennan, Carolyn LJournal Article 
2000A qualitative assessment of outcome measures utilized by programs for children in violent settingsKuehnle, Kathryn; Coulter, Martha L; Samanic, Claudine; Menezes, LynetteReport 
2003Qualitative differences among rural and urban intimate violence victimization experiences and consequences: a pilot studyWalker, Robert; Logan, T K; Cole, JenniferJournal Article 
2015A qualitative examination of situational risk recognition among female victims of physical intimate partner violenceBell, Kathryn M; Sherrill, Andrew M; Wyngarden, NicoleJournal Article 
2006A qualitative exploration of the nature of domestic violence in pregnancyBewley, Susan; Bacchus, Loraine; Mezey, GillJournal Article 
2015A qualitative exploration of young Australian adults' understanding of and explanations for alcohol-involved rapeYoung, Ross McDonald; White, Katherine M; Palk, Gavin; Starfelt, Louise CharlotteJournal Article 
1997Qualitative metasynthesis : issues and techniquesDocherty, Sharron; Sandelowski, Margarete; Emden, CarolynJournal Article 
2015Qualitative researcher reflexivity : a follow-up study with female sexual assault survivorsMorrow, Susan L; Hoover, StephanieJournal Article 
2020Qualitative study of psychosocial factors impacting on Aboriginal women’s management of chronic diseaseEades, A; Brown, A.; Liu, H.; Hackett, M. L.; Cass, A.; Coffin, JJournal Article 
2022Qualitative study of the perspectives of women with lived experience of domestic and family violence on accessing healthcareHollingdrake, Olivia; Saadi, Noor; Alban Cruz, Angelica; Currie, JaneJournal Article 
2020A Qualitative Study on the Investigation of Violence and Men who Inflict Violence from the Perspective of MenAkan, Yunus; Kıran, BinnazJournal Article 
2012A qualitative study using a systemic perspective exploring the remediation of abusive interactions in intimate heterosexual couplesVetere, Arlene Louise; Bonham, ElizabethJournal Article 
2008Quality of maternal parenting among intimate-partner violence victims involved with the child welfare systemBarth, Richard P; Bradley, Robert H; Casanueva, Cecilia; Martin, Sandra L; Runyan, Desmond KJournal Article 
2020Quantifying domestic violence in times of crisisAnderberg, Dan; Siudae, Fabian; Rainer, HelmutReport 
2019Quantifying the legal and broader life impacts of domestic and family violence-Electronic publication 
2004Quarterly Summary October : December 2004Queensland Centre for the Prevention of Domestic and Family ViolenceFact Sheet 
2012Queensland centre for domestic and family violence research newsletterQueensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Researchserial