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2020U.S. child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations: what do the data show?Meier, Joan S.Journal Article 
2007UK study of abuse and neglect of older people : a prevalence survey reportConstantine, Rebecca; Hills, Melanie; Doyle, Melanie; Mcreadie, Claudine; Scholes, Shaun; Tinker, Anthea; Erens, Bob; Biggs, Simon; Manthorpe, Jill; O'Keeffe, MadeleineElectronic publication 
2007UK study of abuse and neglect of older people : qualitative findingsMowlam, Alice; McCreadie, Claudine; Dixon, Josie; Tennant, RosalindElectronic publication 
2006UK women's groups' child contact campaign: 'so long as it is safe'Reece, HelenJournal Article 
2005The Ultimate Betrayal - An examination of the Experience of Domestic and Family Violence in Refugee CommunitiesSocial Sciences, Unsw; Pittaway, Eileen Centre for Refugee Research Faculty of ArtsJournal Article 
2004The ultimate betrayal: an examination of the experiences of domestic and family violence in refugee communitiesOccasional paper (University of New South Wales. Centre for Refugee Research)Pittaway, EileenJournal Article 
PRI-Short-Guide-Bangkok-Rules-2013-Web-Final.pdf.jpg2013UN Bangkok Rules on women offenders and prisoners : short guidePenal Reform InternationalReport 
2015UN Women : holistic global advocacy to address violence against womenStephens, Erin MBook Chapter 
2001An unacceptable risk : a report on child contact arrangements where there is violence in the family [conference paper]Rendell, Kathryn; Lynch, Angela; Rathus, ZConference Paper 
2000An unacceptable risk : a report on child contact arrangements where there is violence in the family [report]Rathus, Z; Rendell, Kathryn; Lynch, AngelaReport 
2001An unacceptable risk: a report on child contact arrangements where there is violence in the family (2000) [review]Rendell, Kathryn; Lynch, Angela; Rathus, ZoeJournal Article 
2001An unacceptable risk: child contact arrangements when there is violence in the familyRathus, Z; Rendell, Kathryn; Lynch, AngelaJournal Article 
2021The uncertain commodity of ‘security’: Are private security companies ‘value for money’ for domestic violence services?Harkin, DiarmaidJournal Article 
2007Under surveillance: domestic violence and technologyMcKenzie, MandyJournal Article 
2012Understanding intimate partner violence dynamics using mixed methodsWood, Robert C; Ferrer, Robert L; Burge, Sandra K; Katerndahl, David A; Becho, JohannaJournal Article 
2004Understanding abuse : partnering for changeNason-Clark, Nancy; Cameron, Catherine Anne; Miedema, Baukje; Stirling, May LouNon-Fiction 
2013Understanding adolescent and family influences on intimate partner psychological violence during emerging adulthood and adulthoodSchofield, Thomas J; Lohman, Brenda J; Senia, Jennifer M; Neppl, Tricia KJournal Article 
2023Understanding and Addressing Everyday Sexisms in Australian Universities: Survey Data Research BriefBlaise, Mindy; Gray, Emily; Ulman, Jacqueline; Western Sydney UniversityReport 
Cate_20OWREN_CSW66_20Expert_20Paper.pdf.jpg2021Understanding and addressing gender-based violence as part of the climate emergencyOwren, CateReport 
2021Understanding and addressing gender-based violence: an Australian Indigenous approachThorpe, Jaylon; Keddie, Amanda; McVeigh, Ben; Delaney, MariaJournal Article