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Record ID: 6677a839-f1ff-4c07-b584-2eee8199392a
Type: Journal Article
Title: Technology-facilitated abuse against women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: A scoping review of the literature
Authors: Liang, Jianqiang
Leyton Zamora, Carolina
Boddy, Jennifer
O'Leary, Patrick
Keywords: Help-seeking
ANRA Topic: Technology-facilitated abuse
ANRA Population: Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Year: 2022
Publisher: Sage Publications
Abstract:  Women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are particularly vulnerable to domestic and family violence, including technology-facilitated abuse. Often CALD women depend on technology to connect with support networks in their home country. Technology-facilitated abuse can be devastating and isolating. There is limited comprehensive knowledge of how technology-facilitated abuse is experienced by CALD women. This scoping review addresses this gap by exploring and analysing the available literature on technology-facilitated abuse amongst CALD women in the context of domestic and family violence. Employing a scoping review methodology, a total of nine studies were identified from a database search and other sources (including snowball, web search, and search verification processes). Studies were included if they contained the following three elements: (1) a focus on technology-facilitated abuse, (2) the inclusion of CALD women’s experiences, and (3) a context of domestic and family violence (DFV). This review firstly maps the methodologies and characteristics of the studies. Second, the most common types of technology-facilitated abuse that disproportionally affect CALD women are identified together with culturally related help-seeking barriers. Areas for future research are discussed along with suggestions for improving practises and policies for prevention and intervention.
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