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dc.contributor.authorCarland, Susanen
dc.contributor.authorKrayem, Ghenaen
dc.contributor.authorKrayem, Mehalen
dc.identifier.isbn9789004400573 ((hardback))en
dc.description.abstract"Muslim women's freedom, or assumed lack thereof, has long been a Western obsession. Almost never do we ask, what does agency look like to Muslim women? Who or what do they think constrains them, and how do they challenge that? Focussing on the little-researched area of the Australian Muslim community, this book brings together for the first time diverse accounts from Australian Muslim researchers, leaders, and community workers to interrogate how Muslim women understand, experience, and fight for agency. Academic and activist, personal and political, this ground-breaking book features the people at the centre of the debate. Contributors are Feda Abdo, Amira Aftab, Mahsheed Ansari, Fadi Baghdadi, Susan Carland, Tasneem Chopra, Mehreen Faruqi, Derya Iner, Balawyn Jones, Souha Korbatieh, Ghena Krayem, Mehal Krayem and Ayah Wehbe"-- Provided by publisher.en
dc.formatpages cmen
dc.relation.ispartofMuslim minoritiesen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMuslim women and agency : an Australian contexten
dc.subjectMuslim women - Australiaen
dc.subjectWomen in Islam - Australiaen
dc.subjectAgent (Philosophy)en
dc.subjectMuslim women - Political activity - Australiaen
dc.titleMuslim women’s agency in Australian domestic violence servicesen
dc.title.alternativeMuslim women and agency : an Australian contexten
dc.subject.readinglistCulturally and linguistically diverse communitiesen
dc.subject.readinglistHealth, primary care and specialist service responsesen
dc.subject.readinglistANROWS Notepad 2021 November 16en
dc.description.notes<p>Includes bibliographical references and index.</p>en
dc.identifier.sourceMuslim minoritiesen
dc.description.contents1. Introduction / Susan Carland and Ghena Krayem -- 2. Al-Muʼminah Down Under: The Untold Stories and Legacies of Muslim Women Pioneers in Australia / Mahsheed Ansari -- 3. Muslim Women's Agency Through a Feminist Institutionalist Lens / Amira Aftab -- 4. Western and Australian Women's Agency to Counter Islamophobia / Derya Iner and Souha Korbatieh -- 5. Muslim Women's Agency in Australian Domestic Violence Services / Ghena Krayem and Mehal Krayem -- 6. The Pathology of Hyper Masculinity and Abuse in Muslim Leadership / Tasneem Chopra -- 7. The Difficulty of Muslim Women Fighting Sexism: Then and Now / Susan Carland -- 8. Rejecting the Reductionism of Muslim Women / Fadi Baghdadi -- 9. 'Left out' and 'Ignored': Experiences of Australian, Lebanese-Muslim Women with Hearing Loss / Ayah Wehbe -- 10. Finding a Way Forward: The Revival of Female Islamic Scholarship in Australia / Feda Abdo and Balawyn Jones -- 11. Politics of Representation: Overcoming the Narrow Perception of Muslim Women / Mehreen Faruqi -- Index.en
dc.subject.listANROWS Notepad 2021 November 16en
dc.subject.anratopicHealth, primary care and specialist service responsesen
dc.subject.anrapopulationCulturally and linguistically diverse communitiesen
dc.description.physicaldescriptionpages cmen
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