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dc.contributor.authorCommonwealth of Australiaen
dc.format1 sheet 420 mm x 594 mm; A2en
dc.publisherCommonwealth of Australia : Canberraen
dc.subjectCommunity educationen
dc.subjectCommunity attitudesen
dc.titleSex without consent is a crime!en
dc.description.notesColoured poster contains 2 text boxes. One quotes a male point of view on the need to consider people's rights regarding sex and the other quotes a female point of view on consent. Overlapping the text is a logo of lips saying, "READ MY LIPS : NO : SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS A CRIME!" Below states "...before you have sex with somebody make sure they want it too"en
dc.description.physicaldescription1 sheet 420 mm x 594 mm; A2en
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