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Revisiting-safe-at-home-responses-to-domestic-and-family-violence-Jan-Breckenridge-kylie-valentine-Kyllie-Cripps-National-Housing-Conference-2019-Darwin.pdf.jpg2019Revisiting Safe at Home Responses to Domestic and Family Violence – what factors contribute to better safety and housing outcomes for women?Cripps, Kyllie; valentine, kylie; Breckenridge, JanReport
2021Youth attitudes to domestic and family violence: A scoping review of young people’s attitudes and perceptions in AustraliaFabrianesi, Belinda; Loney-Howes, Rachel; MacPhail, Catherine; Hanley, NataliaJournal Article
2001Abuse assessment screen-disability (AAS-D): measuring frequency, type, and perpetrator of abuse toward women with physical disabilitiesNosek, Maraget A; Swedlend, Nancy; McFarlane, Judith; Hughes, Rosemary B; Groff, Janet Y; Dolan Mullen, PatriciaJournal Article
2002Resolving family violence to children [review]Australian Domestic and Family Violence ClearinghouseJournal Article
2007Screening for intimate partner violence: the impact of screener and screening environment on victim comfortDowns, Stephen M; Miller, Carleen; Thackeray, Jonathon; Stelzner, SarahJournal Article
1997Shame, defiance, and violence against women: a critical analysis of "communitarian conferencing"Sage series on violence against womenCook, Sandra; Stubbs, Julie; Bessant, JudithBook Chapter
2002Bringing business on board: domestic violence prevention in the workplaceBarnes, Graham; Lake, JanetConference Paper
2010Employee assistance programs: a workplace resource to address intimate partner violenceAustin, Whitney; Pollack, Keshia M; Grisso, Jeane AnnJournal Article
2002A point of vulnerability : links between domestic violence and motheringGarvan, JoanReport
2005Sexual assault and mental health in AustraliaKeel, MoniqueJournal Article