The ANROWS Digital Library provides links to a broad range of evidence in the violence against women sector including research papers, reports and resources.

The library is committed to providing access to high-quality and accessible (open access) evidence to ensure that researchers, policymakers, and practitioners have access to research and resources that are relevant to their work in the prevention of violence against women.

Please note that some content such as journal articles and books are restricted from public access due to copyright restrictions. Please refer to the information on the record to locate these resources externally.

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2005Domestic and family violence, substance misuse and mental health : what are the links and why is clinical intervention so important [DVD]Family and Domestic Violence Unit and Perth West Domestic Violence Action Groupdvd
2022Bringing dignity to the assessment of safety for children who live with violenceZhou, Albert; Alexander, Kate; Humphreys, Cathy; Wise, SarahJournal Article
2017Gender, technology and violenceVitis, Laura; Segrave, Mariebook
2022Criminalising Gender Diversity: Trans and Gender Diverse People’s Experiences with the Victorian Criminal Legal SystemMcCrory, Adrien; Appleton, Brenda; Mitchell, Matthew; Skaburskis, IsabelleJournal Article
2002Cultural diversity and services against sexual violence : a report from the National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence (NASASV)Weeks, WendyReport
2015Crime, victims and policy: International contexts, local experiencesWilson, Dean, 1966-Non-Fiction
1999Domestic violence amoung AFDC recipients: implications for welfare-to-work programsHuneke, Diane; Anger, Kathleen; Sable, Marjorie R; Libbus, M. KayJournal Article
2013Can fracture clinics respond to domestic violence?Hegarty, Kelsey LJournal Article
1999In fear of deportation ... and domestic violenceHall, JanetJournal Article
2021Prevalence of childhood maltreatment among people with opioid use disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisGisev, Natasa; Colledge, Samantha; Santo, Thomas; Campbell, Gabrielle; Tran, Lucy Thi; Degenhardt, Louisa; Di Tanna, Gian LucaJournal Article