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2008An analysis of national health strategies addressing Indigenous injury: Consistencies and gapsAnderson, IanJournal Article
2004From humble beginnings, 'The Safe House Project' report : Sustainable service responses to family violence in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in North Queensland.Rosser, BettinaNon-Fiction
2012Walk awayIFVOP Team; isee-ilearnVideo
2002Cultural diversity and services against sexual violence : a report from the National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence (NASASV)Weeks, WendyReport
2021Violence-related deaths among people released from incarceration: protocol for a systematic reviewWilloughby, Melissa; Borschmann, Rohan; Spittal, Matthew J.; Young, Jesse T.; Kinner, Stuart A.; Janca, Emilia K.Journal Article
2000Ending family violence program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offendersTurgeon, DarcyConference Paper
2022Community perspectives on delivering trauma-aware and culturally safe perinatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parentsWoods, Cindy; Hine Moana, Anni; Reilly, Rachel; Fisher, Jane; McLachlan, Helen; Chamberlain, Catherine; Lynch, Johanna; Herrman, Helen; Fiolet, ReneeJournal Article
Wedontshootourwounded.pdf.jpg2009We don't shoot our woundedACT Victims of Crime CoordinatorReport
2010Improving accessibility of the legal system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims/survivors of family violence and sexual assault. Paper 3 of 3Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service (Vic.)Non-Fiction
2021‘Can I just share my story?’—Experiences of technology-facilitated abuse among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from regional and remote areas: Executive summary and key findingsYu, Eunice; Murray, Minda; Brown, Chay; Thomassin, Annick; Yap, MandyReport