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2016'Am I sexually abused?' Consent in a coach-athlete lesbian relationshipJohansson, SusanneJournal Article
2018Military sexual assault in transgender veterans : results from a nationwide surveyLehavot, Keren; Beckman, Kerry; Shipherd, Jillian; Simpson, TracyJournal Article
2019How to report on violence against women and their childrenOur WatchReport
7-Sep-2023The ANROWS Evidence Portal of interventions to address and end violence against women: Methodology reportHine, Lorelei; Bell, Charlotte; Eggins, Elizabeth; Watt, Elizabeth; Hine, Lorelei; Bell, Charlotte; Eggins, Elizabeth; Watt, ElizabethReport
2014NCAVP's 2013 report on intimate partner violence against LGBTQ and HIV-affected people in the United States was released October 15, 2014.National Coalition of Anti-Violence ProgramsReport
2015Discrepant alcohol use, intimate partner violence, and relationship adjustment among lesbian women and their same-sex intimate partnersLewis, Robin J; Kelley, Michelle L; Mason, Tyler BJournal Article
2020The Rainbow Safety GuideVictim Support Servicemisc
2017Power and Inequality : intimate partner violence against bisexual and non-monosexual women in the United StatesCoston, Bethany MJournal Article
2018Towards evidence-based treatment of partner violence in LGBT relationshipsBowen, EricaBook Chapter
2017Stalking victimization in LGBTQ adults : a brief reportRamos, Daniel; Langenderfer-Magruder, Lisa; Walls, N Eugene; Whitfield, Darren L; Kattari, Shanna KJournal Article