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2020Misconceptions of sexual crimes against adult victims: Barriers to justiceTidmarsh, Patrick; Hamilton, GemmaJournal Article
2017The Oxford handbook of sex offences and sex offendersSanders, Teela; ed.Non-Fiction
2021Sexual harassment at work: A leadership problemMcEwen, Celina; Rhodes, Carl; Pullen, AlisonJournal Article
2021Beyond formal ethics reviews: Reframing the potential harms of sexual violence researchHenry, Nicola; Mortimer, Shaez; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article
2015Intimate partner sexual violence: A review of terms, definitions, and prevalenceBaldwin-White, Adrienne; Bagwell-Gray, Meredith E; Messing, Jill TheresaJournal Article
2020Sexual citizenship and lifetime sexual assault: exploring the risks for sexual minority women with a physical limitationBones, Paul D. C.Journal Article
2015Preventing interpersonal violence on college campuses : the effect of one act training on bystander interventionWeinberger, Morris; Alegria-Flores, Kei; Raker, Kelli; Pleasants, Robert K; Weaver, Mark AJournal Article
2018Associations between unintended pregnancy, domestic violence, and sexual assault in a population of Queensland womenDingle, Genevieve A; Sharman, Leah S; Douglas, Heather; Price, Elizabeth; Sheeran, NicolaJournal Article
2022The extent, nature and impact of family, domestic, and sexual violence (FDSV) against women in the Australian sex industry: A state of knowledge paperHirsch, RachelReport
2021Understanding Australian female chiropractors’ experiences of inappropriate patient sexual behaviour: A study using interpretive phenomenological analysisO’Mullan, Catherine; Innes, Stanley; Lastella, Michele; Maurice, LauraJournal Article