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Author Cullen, Patricia

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2021Adapting service delivery during COVID-19: Experiences of domestic violence practitionersvalentine, kylie; Cullen, Patricia; Breckenridge, Jan; Cortis, Natasha; Smyth, CiaraJournal Article 
2018Counting Dead Women in Australia: An in-depth case review of femicideSullivan, Elizabeth; Cullen, Patricia; Vaughan, Geraldine; Li, Zhuoyang; Price, Jenna; Yu, DennisJournal Article 
2021COVID-19 lockdowns, intimate partner violence and coercive controlCullen, Patricia; Cortis, Natasha; Breckenridge, Jan; Smyth, Ciara; valentine, kylieJournal Article 
2020The Experiences of Persistent Pain Among Women With a History of Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic ReviewWalker, Natasha; Beek, Kristen; Chen, Huan; Shang, Jie; Stevenson, Sally; Williams, Karen; Herzog, Hayley; Ahmed, Jareen; Cullen, PatriciaJournal Article 
2022The experiences of persistent pain among women with a history of intimate partner violence: A systematic reviewStevenson, Sally; Beek, Kristen; Chen, Huan; Shang, Jie; Williams, Karen; Cullen, Patricia; Ahmed, Jareen; Herzog, Hayley; Walker, NatashaJournal Article 
2020How frontline domestic and family violence workforce in Australia kept connected to their clients and each other through the pandemic: Practitioner reportBaffsky, Rachel; Cullen, Patricia; Wayland, Sarah; Beek, KristenReport 
2021Integrating Trauma and Violence Informed Care in Primary Health Care Settings for First Nations Women Experiencing Violence: A Systematic ReviewCullen, Patricia; Mackean, Tamara; Walker, Natasha; Coombes, Julieann; Bennett-Brook, Keziah; Clapham, Kathleen; Ivers, Rebecca; Hackett, Maree; Worner, Faye; Longbottom, MarleneJournal Article 
9999Integrating Trauma and Violence Informed Care in Primary Health Care Settings for First Nations Women Experiencing Violence: A Systematic ReviewCullen, Patricia; Longbottom, Marlene; Worner, Faye; Hackett, Maree; Ivers, Rebecca; Clapham, Kathleen; Bennett-Brook, Keziah; Coombes, Julieann; Walker, Natasha; Mackean, TamaraJournal Article 
2021Intersectionality and Invisible Victims: Reflections on Data Challenges and Vicarious Trauma in Femicide, Family and Intimate Partner Homicide ResearchCullen, Patricia; Rowlands, James; Price, Jenna; Dawson, MyrnaJournal Article 
2022Voices from the frontline: Qualitative perspectives of the workforce on transforming responses to domestic, family and sexual violenceCoates, Dominiek; Cullen, Patricia; Koleth, Maria; Walker, NatashaReport