Author Fileborn, Bianca

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2010Addressing sexual assault through human rights instrumentsFileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2012Addressing women's victimisation histories in custodial settingsIssues : Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual AssaultStathopoulos, Mary; Clark, Haley; Fileborn, Bianca; Quadara, AntoniaJournal Article 
2021Beyond formal ethics reviews: Reframing the potential harms of sexual violence researchHenry, Nicola; Mortimer, Shaez; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2021Beyond formal ethics reviews: Reframing the potential harms of sexual violence researchMortimer, Shaez; Fileborn, Bianca; Henry, NicolaJournal Article 
2013Conceptual understandings and prevalence of sexual harassment and street harassmentAustralian Institute of Family Studies; Fileborn, BiancaGeneric 
2021Gendered responses to gendered harms: Sexual violence and bystander intervention at Australian music festivalsBaillie, Greta; Wadds, Phillip; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2022Geographies of gender-based violence : a multi-disciplinary perspectiveFileborn, Bianca; Bows, Hannah; JSTOR (Organization)book 
2016"I think it's rape and I think he would be found not guilty": Focus group perceptions of (un)reasonable belief in consent in rape lawPowell, Anastasia; Henry, Nicola; Hanley, Natalia; Larcombe, Wendy; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2022'Merely a compliment’? Community perceptions of street harassment in Melbourne, AustraliaFileborn, Bianca; Cullen-Rosenthal, EmilyJournal Article 
2019#MeToo and the politics of social changeFileborn, Bianca; Loney-Howes, Rachel; EBSCOhostwebsite 
2020#MeToo in regional, rural and remote Australia: An analysis of regional newspapers reports profiling the movementLoney-Howes, Rachel; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2018The #MeToo movement : an opportunity in public health?Milner, Allison; Scovelle, Anna J; Fileborn, Bianca; Sojo, Victor; O'Neil, AdrienneJournal Article 
2022Perceptions of Safety Among Taxi and Rideshare Service Patrons: Gender, Safekeeping And ResponsibilisationFileborn, Bianca; Cama, Elena; Young, AlisonJournal Article 
2011Responding to Women's Experiences of Sexual Assault in Institutional and Care SettingsFileborn, Bianca; Clark, HaleyNon-Fiction 
2016Sexual assualt and justice for older women : a critical review of the literatureFileborn, BiancaJournal Article 
2022‘Why did he do it? Because he’s a fucking bloke’: victim insights into the perpetration of street harassmentHindes, Sophie; Fileborn, BiancaJournal Article