Author Hameed, Mohajer

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2022Health care providers views on identifying and responding to South Asian women experiencing family violence: A qualitative meta synthesisBaloch, Surriya; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Hameed, MohajerJournal Article 
2020Health practitioners' readiness to address domestic violence and abuse: A qualitative meta-synthesisHameed, Mohajer; Feder, Gene; Hegarty, Kelsey L; McKibbin, Gemma; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Hooker, Leesa; Tarzia, LauraJournal Article 
2022“I just felt like I was running around in a circle”: Listening to the voices of victims and perpetrators to transform responses to intimate partner violenceTarzia, Laura; McKenzie, Mandy; McLindon, Elizabeth; Addison, Matt; Valpied, Jodie; Hameed, Mohajer; Kyei-Onanjiri, Minerva; Baloch, Surriya; Diemer, Kristin; Hegarty, Kelsey LReport 
2019Indigenous Peoples’ Help-Seeking Behaviors for Family Violence: A Scoping ReviewTarzia, Laura; Fiolet, Renee; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Hameed, MohajerJournal Article 
2020Indigenous people’s experiences and expectations of health care professionals when accessing care for family violence: A qualitative evidence synthesisSpangaro, Joanne M; Fiolet, Renee; Cameron, Jacqui; Tarzia, Laura; Gallant, David; Hameed, Mohajer; Hooker, Leesa; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Glover, KarenJournal Article 
2020Psychological therapies for women who experience intimate partner violenceTirado-Muñoz, Judit; O'Doherty, Lorna J; Gilchrist, Gail; Taft, Angela; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Castan, Melissa; Feder, Gene; Chondros, Patty; Hameed, MohajerJournal Article 
2019The tripartite tragedy: Alcohol and other drugs, intimate partner violence and child abuseHameed, MohajerJournal Article