Author Jackson, Alun C

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2021Gambling-related intimate partner violence against women: A grounded theory model of individual and relationship determinantsGreer, Nancy; Breen, Helen; Mainey, Lydia; Taylor, Annabel; Jenkinson, Rebecca; Jackson, Alun C; Lee, Jamie; Thomas, Anna; Hing, Nerilee; O’Mullan, Catherine; Nuske, ElaineJournal Article 
2019Problem Gambling and Family Violence: Factors Associated With Family Violence Victimization and Perpetration in Treatment-Seeking GamblersDowling, Nicki A; Suomi, Aino; Cockman, Sue; Oldenhof, Erin; Jackson, Alun C; Merkouris, Stephanie SJournal Article 
2013Problem gambling and family violence: family member reports of prevalence, family impacts and family copingJackson, Alun C; Suomi, Aino; Dowling, Nicki AJournal Article 
2018Problem gambling and family violence: Findings from a population-representative studyYoussef, George J; Suomi, Aino; Dowling, Nicki A; Ewin, Carrie; Merkouris, Stephanie S; Jackson, Alun C; Thomas, ShaneJournal Article 
2016Problem gambling and intimate partner violence : a systematic reivew and meta-analysisKoziol-Mclain, Jane; Cockman, Suzanne; Thomas, Shane; Bellringer, Maria; Battersby, Malcolm; Abbott, Max; Harvey, Peter; Dowling, Nicki A; Suomi, Aino; Jackson, Alun C; Lavis, Tiffany; Patford, JanetJournal Article 
RP_17_01-RR-Hing-GamblingDFV.pdf.jpg2020The relationship between gambling and intimate partner violence against womenThomas, Anna; Jenkinson, Rebecca; Jatkar, Uma; Deblaquiere, Julie; Rintoul, Angela; Langham, Erika; Rawat, Vijay; Lee, Jamie; Jackson, Alun C; Hing, Nerilee; O’Mullan, Catherine; Nuske, Elaine; Breen, Helen; Mainey, Lydia; Taylor, Annabel; Frost, Andrew; Greer, NancyReport