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Author Krakouer, Jacynta

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2022Community views on ‘Can perinatal services safely identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents experiencing complex trauma?’O'Dea, Birri; Andrews, Shawana; Krakouer, Jacynta; Mccalman, Pamela; Elliott, Alison; Atkinson, Judy; Bhathal, Alex; Gee, Graham; Chamberlain, Catherine; gray, paul; Herrman, Helen; Mensah, FionaJournal Article 
2022Community views on ‘Can perinatal services safely identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents experiencing complex trauma?’Chamberlain, Catherine; Gray, Paul; Herrman, Helen; Mensah, Fiona; Andrews, Shawana; Krakouer, Jacynta; McCalman, Pamela; Elliott, Alison; Atkinson, Judy; O'Dea, Birri; Bhathal, Alex; Gee, GrahamJournal Article 
2022Community-based models of alcohol and other drug support for First Nations peoples in Australia: A systematic reviewKrakouer, Jacynta; Savaglio, Melissa; Taylor, Karinda; Skouteris, HelenJournal Article 
2020The Family Matters report 2020: Measuring trends to turn the tide on the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care in AustraliaHunter, Sue-Anne; Burton, John; Blacklaws, George; Soltysik, Adelajda; Mastroianni, Andria; Young, Janelle; May, Jones; Jayakody, Nadeshda; Bhathal, Alex; Krakouer, Jacynta; Tan, Wei Wu; Parolini, Arno; Tilbury, Clare; Shlonsky, AronReport 
2022Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families to Stay Together from the Start (SAFeST Start): Urgent call to action to address crisis in infant removalsChamberlain, Catherine; Gray, Paul; Bennet, Debra; Elliott, Alison; Jackomos, Marika; Krakouer, Jacynta; Marriott, Rhonda; O'Dea, Birri; Andrews, Julie; Andrews, Shawana; Atkinson, Caroline; Atkinson, Judy; Bhathal, Alex; Bundle, Gina; Davies, Shanamae; Herrman, Helen; Hunter, Sue-Anne; Jones-Terare, Glenda; Leane, Cathy; Mares, Sarah; McConachy, Jennifer; Mensah, Fiona; Mills, Catherine; Mohammed, Janine; Hetti Mudiyanselage, Lumbini; O'Donnell, Melissa; Orr, Elizabeth; Priest, Naomi; Roe, Yvette; Smith, Kristen; Waldby, Catherine; Milroy, Helen; Langton, MarciaJournal Article