Author Natalier, Kristin

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am202155-report-literature-review-031121.pdf.jpg2021Analysis of the workplace agreements database for the family and domestic violence leave reviewNatalier, Kristin; Seymour, Kate; Hirsch, Rachel; Wendt, SarahReport 
2021Changed men? Men talking about violence and change in domestic and family violence perpetrator intervention programsWendt, Sarah; Seymour, Kate; Natalier, KristinJournal Article 
am202155-report-wad-data-031121.pdf.jpg2021Family and domestic violence leave entitlement in Australia: A systemic reviewHirsch, Rachel; Seymour, Kate; Wendt, Sarah; Natalier, KristinReport 
2020Mothers’ understandings of ‘home’ after relationship separation and divorceCampo, Monica; Smyth, Bruce; Natalier, Kristin; Fehlberg, BelindaJournal Article 
2022Responding to domestic violence: Difficult conversationsSeymour, Kate; Natalier, Kristin; Wendt, Sarahbook 
2019State facilitated economic abuse: A structural analysis of men deliberately withholding child supportNatalier, KristinJournal Article 
2018Strengthening the Domestic and Family Violence Workforce: Key QuestionsNatalier, Kristin; King, Debbie; Seymour, Kate; Wendt, Sarah; Macaitis, KirstenReport 
2020Which Models of Supervision Help Retain Staff? Findings From Australia’s Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault WorkforcesSeymour, Kate; Cortis, Natasha; Wendt, Sarah; Natalier, KristinJournal Article 
2021Workplace violence against domestic and family violence and sexual assault workers: A gendered, settings-based approach.Cortis, Natasha; Natalier, Kristin; Wendt, Sarah; Seymour, KateJournal Article