Author O'Donnell, Melissa

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2022Connecting what matters: Children and young people with disability and their families share their views on how services can help when they experience domestic and family violenceBrebner, Chris; Robinson, Sally; Burton, Jala; valentine, kylie; O'Donnell, Melissa; Moore, Tim; Marshall, AmyFact Sheet 
2020A Demographic Profile of Mothers and Their Children Who Are Victims of Family and Domestic Violence: Using Linked Police and Hospital Admissions DataOrr, Carol; Preen, David B.; Glauert, Rebecca; Fisher, Colleen M.; Ed, Dip; O'Donnell, MelissaJournal Article 
9999Exposure to family and domestic violence is associated with lower attendance and higher suspension in school childrenPreen, David; Orr, Carol; Fisher, Colleen; Bell, Megan; O'Donnell, Melissa; Martin, Karen; Glauert, RebeccaJournal Article 
2022Exposure to family and domestic violence is associated with lower attendance and higher suspension in school childrenOrr, Carol; Fisher, Colleen; Bell, Megan; O'Donnell, Melissa; Martin, Karen; Glauert, Rebecca; Preen, DavidJournal Article 
2019Hospitalisations for maternal assault are associated with increased risk of child protection involvementFisher, Colleen; Glauert, Rebecca; Preen, David; Orr, Carol; Sims, Scott; O'Donnell, MelissaReport 
2021Injuries in mothers hospitalised for domestic violence-related assault: a whole-population linked data studySlack-Smith, Linda; O'Donnell, Melissa; Bulsara, Vishal Mahesh; Bulsara, Max K.; Codde, Jim; Preen, DavidJournal Article 
2022Investigating the mental health of children exposed to domestic and family violence through the use of linked police data and health recordsSims, Scott; Orr, Carol; Garwood, Shae; Milroy, Helen; Glauert, Rebecca; Preen, David; O'Donnell, Melissa; Fisher, ColleenReport 
2022The lasting impact of family and domestic violence on neonatal health outcomesPreen, David B.; Orr, Carol; Kelty, Erin; Fisher, Colleen; O'Donnell, Melissa; Glauert, RebeccaJournal Article 
2022The nature and extent of domestic and family violence exposure for children and young people with disabilityBrebner, Chris; Lima, Fernando; O'Donnell, Melissa; Orr, Carol; Arney, Fiona; Moore, Tim; Robinson, Sally; valentine, kylie; Marshall, Amy; Burton, Jala; Octoman, Olivia; Hawkes, MartineReport 
2023Prioritising children and young people with disability in research about domestic and family violence: Methodological, ethical and pragmatic reflectionsMoore, Tim; Robinson, Sally; Foley, Kristen; valentine, kylie; Brebner, Chris; O'Donnell, Melissa; Marshall, Amy; Burton, JalaJournal Article 
2021School readiness of children exposed to family and domestic violenceFisher, Colleen; Orr, Carol; O'Donnell, MelissaJournal Article 
2022Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families to Stay Together from the Start (SAFeST Start): Urgent call to action to address crisis in infant removalsChamberlain, Catherine; Gray, Paul; Bennet, Debra; Elliott, Alison; Jackomos, Marika; Krakouer, Jacynta; Marriott, Rhonda; O'Dea, Birri; Andrews, Julie; Andrews, Shawana; Atkinson, Caroline; Atkinson, Judy; Bhathal, Alex; Bundle, Gina; Davies, Shanamae; Herrman, Helen; Hunter, Sue-Anne; Jones-Terare, Glenda; Leane, Cathy; Mares, Sarah; McConachy, Jennifer; Mensah, Fiona; Mills, Catherine; Mohammed, Janine; Hetti Mudiyanselage, Lumbini; O'Donnell, Melissa; Orr, Elizabeth; Priest, Naomi; Roe, Yvette; Smith, Kristen; Waldby, Catherine; Milroy, Helen; Langton, MarciaJournal Article 
2019Trends in mental health related contacts among mothers of Aboriginal children in Western Australia (1990–2013): a linked data population-based cohort study of over 40 000 childrenWong, Janice; Marriott, Rhonda; O'Donnell, Melissa; Lima, Fernando; Shepherd, CarringtonJournal Article