Author Savopoulos, Priscilla

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2021Capturing the experiences of clinicians implementing a new brief intervention for parents and children who have experienced family violence in AustraliaGiallo, Rebecca; Fogarty, Alison; Savopoulos, Priscilla; Cox, Allison; Toone, Emma; Williams, Kirsten; Jones, Amanda; Treyvaud, KarliJournal Article 
2020Facilitators to Engagement in a Mother–Child Therapeutic Intervention Following Intimate Partner ViolenceTreyvaud, Karli; Jones, Amanda; Fogarty, Alison; Savopoulos, Priscilla; Giallo, Rebecca; Toone, Emma; Cox, AllisonJournal Article 
2022Intimate Partner Violence and Child and Adolescent Cognitive Development: A Systematic ReviewSavopoulos, Priscilla; Bryant, Christina; Fogarty, Alison; Conway, Laura J.; Fitzpatrick, Kelly M.; Condron, Patrick; Giallo, RebeccaJournal Article 
2022Intimate partner violence during infancy and cognitive outcomes in middle childhood: Results from an Australian community-based mother and child cohort studyAnderson, Peter J.; Bryant, Christina; Gartland, Deirdre; Savopoulos, Priscilla; Brown, Stephanie; Giallo, RebeccaJournal Article 
2021Providing therapeutic services to women and children who have experienced intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges and learningsSchroeder, Kim; Seymour, Monique; Cox, Allison; Williams, Kirsten; Petrie, Skye; Herman, Sue; Toone, Emma; Giallo, Rebecca; Fogarty, Alison; Savopoulos, PriscillaJournal Article