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2022Body-worn cameras: An effective or cosmetic policing response to domestic and family violence?Pfitzner, Naomi; Walklate, Sandra; McCulloch, JudeJournal Article 
2022Body-worn cameras: An effective or cosmetic policing response to domestic and family violence?Pfitzner, Naomi; Walklate, Sandra; McCulloch, JudeJournal Article 
2023Cause of death: FemicideWalklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2021Changes and continuities in police responses to domestic abuse in England and Wales during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’Richardson, Jane; Walklate, Sandra; Godfrey, BarryJournal Article 
2021Criminalisation and the violence(s) of the state: Criminalising men, punishing womenFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, SandraJournal Article 
2021Criminological futures and gendered violence(s): Lessons from the global pandemic for criminologyWalklate, SandraJournal Article 
2023Domestic violence disclosure schemes: Policy overviewFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, Sandra; Reeves, EllenReport 
2016The efficacy of Clare's Law in domestic violence law reform in England and WalesWalklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2020Eliminating All Forms of Violence against All Women and Girls: Some Criminological Reflections on the Challenges of Measuring Success and Gauging ProgressFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Walklate, Sandra; Jarrett, Blaustein; Kate, Fitz-Gibbon; Nathan, W. Pino; Rob, WhiteChapter 
2020The Emerald Handbook of Feminism, Criminology and Social ChangeMcCulloch, Jude; Walklate, Sandra; Maher, JaneMaree; Fitz-Gibbon, Katebook 
2018Gender, crime and criminal justice(Eds.); Walklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateNon-Fiction 
9999Gender, risk assessment and coercive control: Contradictions in terms?Barlow, Charlotte; Walklate, SandraJournal Article 
2020Gender-based Violence: Case Studies from the Global SouthVitis, Laura; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Bull, Melissa; Carrington, Kerry; Walklate, Sandra; McCulloch, Jude; Maher, JaneMareeBook Chapter 
2016Homicide, gender and responsibility : an international perspectiveFitz-Gibbon, Kate; (Eds.); Walklate, SandraNon-Fiction 
2022In control, out of control or losing control? Making sense of men's reported experiences of coercive control through the lens of hegemonic masculinityFitz-Gibbon, Kate; Meyer, Silke; Reeves, Ellen; Walklate, Sandra; McGowan, JasmineJournal Article 
2021Intimate partner homicides: “Passionate Crime” arguments in the Portuguese Supreme Court of JusticePontedeira, Cátia; Walklate, Sandra; Quintas, JorgeJournal Article 
2018Intimate partner violence, risk and security : securing women's lives in a global worldFitz-Gibbon, Kate; McCulloch, Jude; Walklate, Sandra; (Eds.); Maher, JaneMareeNon-Fiction 
2020Justice perspectives of women with disability: An Australian storyMaher, JaneMaree; McGowan, Jasmine; Walklate, Sandra; McCulloch, Jude; Fitz-Gibbon, KateJournal Article 
2018Keeping perpetrators in view: How do we see the 'Web of Accountability'?Walklate, Sandra; Westmarland, Nicole; Monash Arts; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Nancarrow, Heather; Robinson, AmandaVideo 
2019Lone Wolf Terrorism Through a Gendered Lens: Men Turning Violent or Violent Men Behaving Violently?Maher, JaneMaree; McGowan, Jasmine; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; McCulloch, Jude; Walklate, SandraReport