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dc.contributor.authorNSW Child Death Review Teamen
dc.publisherNSW Commission for Children and Young Peopleen
dc.subjectImpact on children and young peopleen
dc.titleOverall profile of suicide and risk-taking deaths 1996-2000en
dc.typeFact Sheeten
dc.subject.keywordFact sheeten
dc.subject.keywordNew South Walesen
dc.description.notesSee also other briefing papers in this series and the report on which they are based on our Research & Resources database: 'Children and young people with enduring difficulties', 'Children and young people who died as a result of adolescent experimentation', and 'Children and young people who experienced a pivotal life event' and 'Suicide and risk-taking deaths of children and young people : report'<br/ >Based on the Child Death Review Team's report "Suicide and risk-taking deaths of children and young people", this briefing paper serves as an overview of the subject. It includes key findings of the report and trends observed in suicide and risk-taking deaths 1996-2000 as well as the report's major recommendation.en
dc.description.physicaldescription3 p.en
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