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dc.contributor.authorCurran, Elizabethen
dc.identifier.citationNo. 20.3en
dc.description.abstractThis research and evaluation report undertaken by Dr Liz Curran of the Australian National University (pro bono) looks at research over the two years of the life of a family violence project (with base line data collected in a First Phase Report in November 217) examining a Secondary Consultation (SC) service integrated with Training and Outreach program as well as capacity for strategic advocacy.<br/ ><br/ >The Consumer Action Law Centre project (with part funding from the Victorian Department of Justice & Regulation) aims to overcome barriers for people experiencing family violence identified in previous studies. The research findings (detailed in this report) are that legal assistance services, such as this one of the Consumer Action Law Centre, working with trusted community professionals (to whom people experiencing family violence are likely to turn) if done in a holistic, integrated and seamless, respectful way can enable credit & debt legal issues to be addressed in a timely, creative and effective way. It does this by breaking down barriers that exist to those needing legal help. The report provides some universal insights into the plight and impacts of family violence and ways for effective service delivery without ignoring the challenges for both individuals and a variety of services in providing critical support for victim/survivors of family violence and their family.<br/ ><br/ >Keywords: family violence, effective legal service, voices of family violence survivors, strategic advocacy and campaigning, secondary consultations, professional development, legal empowermenten
dc.relation.ispartofAustralian National University College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Seriesen
dc.titleGetting Out of Debt: The Road to Recovery for Victim/Survivors of Family Violenceen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.subject.keywordInvalid URLen
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