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dc.contributor.authorHerman, Judith Lewisen
dc.identifier.citation11 (5), May 2005en
dc.publisherSage Publicationsen
dc.subjectRestorative justiceen
dc.subjectCriminal justice responsesen
dc.subjectPersonal storiesen
dc.subjectInformal responsesen
dc.titleJustice from the victim’s perspectiveen
dc.title.alternativeViolence against womenen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.subject.keywordJournal article/research paperen
dc.description.notesThis article presents findings from in-depth interviews with 22 victims of violent crime to ascertain survivors’ views of justice in the US. It describes their experiences with the justice system; their need to gain validation from the community; their attitudes to the offender’s apology and to the offender’s accountability. It argues that their views of justice do not fit with retributive or restorative justice models, and discusses the implications for efforts to use restorative models in cases of violence against women.en
dc.identifier.sourceViolence against womenen
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