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dc.contributor.authorAmstadter, Anandaen
dc.contributor.authorOverstreet, Cassieen
dc.contributor.authorStratton, Kelcey Jen
dc.contributor.authorBerenz, Erinen
dc.contributor.authorSheerin, Christinaen
dc.contributor.authorHawn, Sageen
dc.contributor.authorRoberson-Nay, Roxannen
dc.identifier.citationAdvance online publication, 4 May 2017en
dc.subjectQuantitative measuresen
dc.subjectAlcohol abuseen
dc.titleResilience to interpersonal trauma and decreased risk for psychopathology in an epidemiologic sampleen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.description.notesThe current study examined whether a novel, quantitative measure of resilience was related to decreased risk for a broad range of lifetime DSM-IV axis I disorders in an epidemiologic sample.<br/ >See more:
dc.identifier.sourceJournal of psychopathology and behavioral assessmenten
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