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dc.contributor.authorThis booklet is a project of the Victorian Council of Churches' Commission : Churches in Solidarity with Womenen
dc.format31 p. : col. ill. ; 15 cmen
dc.publisherVictorian Council of Churchesen
dc.subjectClient resourcesen
dc.subjectCommunity educationen
dc.subjectReligious groupsen
dc.subjectSexual assaulten
dc.titleNaming violence against women in our church communities : sexual harassment, incest, rape and other forms of violence : women are speaking outen
dc.description.notesThis booklet seeks to explain what is violence against women, the forms it takes and discusses some common myths about violence against women. It uses illustrations taken from a church community context and gives practical examples of how the church community can work for change. Included are contact details for Victorian Sexual Assault Centres and other appropriate agencies.en
dc.description.physicaldescription31 p. : col. ill. ; 15 cmen
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