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2015Applying anthropology to gender-based violence : global responses, local practicesHaldane, Hillary J; (Eds.); Wies, Jennifer RNon-Fiction 
2015Comparative perspectives on gender violence : lessons from efforts worldwideGoel, Rashmi; (Eds.); Goodmark, LeighNon-Fiction 
2018Comprehending the incomprehensible : organization theory and child sexual abuse in organizationsPalmer, Donald; (Eds.); Feldman, ValerieNon-Fiction 
cdu_ni_learners_journal_number_22_v2.pdf.jpg2017Decolonising research practices : Special issueHall, Lisa; Emmanouil, Nia; (Eds.); Hohaia, DebbieElectronic publication 
2016Dhäwu mala Galiwin'ku Community-wu? Nhaltjan dhu gulmaram bunhaminyawuy romSuttle, David; Dhurrkay, Yirrininba; (Eds.)Report 
2016A Galiwin'ku Community Statement to Prevent Family Violence : Dhäwu Mala Galiwin'ku Community-wu? Nhaltjan Dhu Gulmaram Bunhaminyawuy RomSuttle, David; Dhurrkay, Yirrininba; (Eds.)Report 
2018Gender, crime and criminal justice(Eds.); Walklate, Sandra; Fitz-Gibbon, KateNon-Fiction 
2016Homicide, gender and responsibility : an international perspectiveFitz-Gibbon, Kate; (Eds.); Walklate, SandraNon-Fiction 
2016Indigenous data sovereignty : toward an agendaTaylor, John; (Eds.); KuKutai, TahuReport 
2017The Indigenous world 2017(Eds.); Jacquelin, Pamela Leiva; Jepsen, Kathe; Hansen, Katrine BrochReport 
2017Innovations in interventions to address intimate partner violence : research and practiceScott, Katreena; Tutty, Leslie M; (Eds.); Augusta-Scott, TodNon-Fiction 
2018Intimate partner violence, risk and security : securing women's lives in a global worldFitz-Gibbon, Kate; McCulloch, Jude; Walklate, Sandra; (Eds.); Maher, JaneMareeNon-Fiction 
making_change_2014.pdf.jpg2014Making change : Nordic examples of working towards gender equality in the mediaMolster, Ragnhild; (Eds.); Edstrom, MariaReport 
2015Oxford textbook of violence prevention : epidemiology, evidence, and policyWard, Catherine L; Donnelly, Peter D; (Eds.)Non-Fiction 
2017Perpetrators of intimate partner sexual violence : a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, recognition, and interventionLevy-Peck, Jennifer V; Easteal, Patricia; (Eds.); McOrmond-Plummer, LouiseNon-Fiction 
2017Practical aspects of rape investigation : a multidisciplinary approachHazelwood, Robert R; (Eds.); Burgess, Ann WolbertNon-Fiction 
WA2J_Consolidated.pdf.jpg2018A practitioner's toolkit on women's access to justice programmingUnited Nations for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women; Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime; United Nations Development Programme; (Eds.)Report 
2016Predatory priests, silenced victims : the sexual abuse crisis and the Catholic ChurchFrawley-O'Dea, Mary Gail; (Eds.); Goldner, VirginiaNon-Fiction 
2014Preventing sexual violence : interdisciplinary approaches to overcoming a rape culturePowell, Anastasia; (Eds.); Henry, NicolaNon-Fiction 
2015Preventing violence in Australia: policy, practice and solutions 10000432Day, Andrew; (Eds.); Fernandez, EphremNon-Fiction