Author Donovan, Catherine

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2008‘Because she was my first girlfriend, I didn’t know any different’: making the case for mainstreaming same-sex sex/relationship educationHester, Marianne; Donovan, CatherineJournal Article 
2006Comparing domestic abuse in same sex and heterosexual relationshipsHester, Marianne; McCarry, Melanie; Holmes, Jonathan; Donovan, CatherineReport 
2016Domestic violence service providers' capacity for supporting transgender women : findings from an Australian workshopDonovan, Catherine; Riggs, Damien W; Fraser, Heather; Taylor, Nik; Signal, TaniaJournal Article 
2010Evaluation of early intervention models for change in domestic violence : Northern Rock Foundation Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, 2004-2009Donovan, Catherine; Groves, Nicola; Griffiths, SueReport 
9999Gendered landscapes of safety: How women construct and navigate the urban landscape to avoid sexual violenceRoberts, Nicola; Durey, Matthew; Donovan, CatherineJournal Article 
2010‘I hate the word “victim”’: an exploration of recognition of domestic violence in same sex relationshipsDonovan, Catherine; Hester, MarianneJournal Article 
1077801218809942.pdf.jpg2018People of Diverse Genders and/or Sexualities Caring For and Protecting Animal Companions in the Context of Domestic ViolenceTaylor, Nik; Fraser, Heather; Signal, Tania; Donovan, Catherine; Riggs, Damien WReport 
2020Queering Narratives of Domestic Violence and Abuse: Victims and/or Perpetrators?Barnes, Rebecca; Donovan, Catherinebook 
2020Why legal equality is not enough: The case of domestic violence and abuse in the relationships of LGBTQ+ peopleDonovan, CatherineBook Chapter