Author Goodmark, Leigh

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2022Assessing the Impact of the Violence Against Women ActGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2021Beyond the victim-offender binary: Legal and anti-violence intervention considerations with women who have used force in the U.S. and AustraliaDouglas, Heather; Larance, Lisa Young; Kertesz, Margaret; Humphreys, Cathy; Goodmark, LeighJournal Article 
BJA.pdf.jpg2008Bringing the Greenbook to life : a resource guide for communitiesGoodmark, Leigh; Rosewater, AnnElectronic publication 
2015Comparative perspectives on gender violence : lessons from efforts worldwideGoel, Rashmi; (Eds.); Goodmark, LeighNon-Fiction 
2018Decriminalizing domestic violence : a balanced policy approach to intimate partner violenceGoodmark, LeighNon-Fiction 
2019Gender, Protection Orders, and Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life: A Study of Protective Order Filings in ArizonaDurfee, Alesha; Goodmark, LeighReport 
2021Gender-based violence, law reform, and the criminalization of survivors of violenceGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2022Law enforcement experience report: Domestic violence survivors' survey regarding interaction with law enforcementCook, Marjorie; Goodmark, LeighReport 
2010Mothers, domestic violence, and child protection: an American legal perspectiveGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2020Reimagining VAWA: Why Criminalization Is a Failed Policy and What a Non-Carceral VAWA Could Look LikeGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2013Transgender people, intimate partner abuse, and the legal systemGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2012A troubled marriage : domestic violence and the legal systemGoodmark, LeighNon-Fiction 
2008When is a battered woman not a battered woman? When she fights backGoodmark, LeighJournal Article 
2019“You Do Not Think of Me as a Human Being”: Race and Gender Inequities Intersect to Discourage Police Reporting of Violence against WomenHameeduddin, Zaynab; Miller, Janice; Decker, Michele R; Holliday, Charvonne N.; Shah, Roma; Goodmark, Leigh; Dantzler, JoyceJournal Article