Author Loxton, Deborah

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2014Childhood sexual abuse and its association with adult physical and mental health : results form a national cohort of young Australian womenMazza, Danielle; Loxton, Deborah; Coles, Jan; Lee, Adeline; Taft, AngelaJournal Article 
2020Consistency and Inconsistency of Young Women’s Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence in a Population-Based StudyHolder, Carl; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Rowlands, Ingrid J.; Forder, Peta M.; Loxton, Deborah; Dobson, Annette J.Journal Article 
2022Cumulative violence and young women's unfreedomCampbell, Alice; Baxter, Janeen; Kuskoff, Ella; Forder, Peta M.; Loxton, DeborahReport 
2022Cumulative violence and young women's unfreedomCampbell, Alice; Forder, Peta M.; Kuskoff, Ella; Baxter, Janeen; Loxton, DeborahReport 
2018Domestic violence, risk factors and healthTownsend, Natalie; Loxton, Deborah; Coombe, Jacqueline; Forder, PetaReport 
2011Forced sex: a critical factor in the sleep difficulties of young Australian womenBruck, Dorothy; Astbury, Jill; Loxton, DeborahJournal Article 
2004History of domestic violence and health service use among mid-aged Australian womenSchofield, Margot; Loxton, Deborah; Hussain, RafatJournal Article 
2006History of domestic violence and physical health in midlifeHussain, Rafat; Mishra, Gita; Loxton, Deborah; Schofield, MargotJournal Article 
2020Impact of Historical Intimate Partner Violence on Wellbeing and Risk for Elder Abuse in Older WomenKeage, Hannah A. D.; Byles, Julie; Laver, Kate E.; Cations, Monica; Loxton, DeborahJournal Article 
2017Intimate partner violence adversely impacts health over 16 years and across generations : a longitudinal cohort studyTownsend, Natalie; Loxton, Deborah; Dolja-Gore, Xenia; Anderson, Amy EJournal Article 
2020Intimate Partner Violence and Risk for Mortality and Incident Dementia in Older WomenKeage, Hannah A. D.; Byles, Julie; Laver, Kate E.; Cations, Monica; Loxton, DeborahJournal Article 
2015Intimate partner violence in the young cohort of the Australian longitudinal study on women's health : urban/rural comparison and demographic associationsHussain, Rafat; Dillon, Gina; Loxton, DeborahJournal Article 
2022A life course approach to determining the prevalence and impact of sexual violence in Australia: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s HealthByrnes, Emma; Forder, Peta; Townsend, Natalie; Loxton, Deborah; Egan, Nicholas; Barnes, IsabelleReport 
s12874-019-0835-4.pdf.jpg2019Longitudinal inconsistency in responses to survey items that ask women about intimate partner violencePowers, Jennifer; Harris, Melissa L.; Townsend, Natalie; Loxton, Deborah; Forder, PetaReport 
Measuring-Domestic-Violence-in-Longitudinal-Research.pdf.jpg2017Measuring domestic violence in longitudinal researchCavenagh, Dominic; Green, Liana; Loxton, Deborah; Townsend, NatalieReport 
2017Mental health, sexual identity, and interpersonal violence : findings from the Australian longitudinal Women's health studyMcNair, Ruth; Loxton, Deborah; Szalacha, Laura A; Hughes, Tonda LJournal Article 
2019Policy Briefs from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s HealthChan, H-W; Byles, Julie; Dobson, Annette; Tooth, L; Loxton, Deborah; Townsend, Natalie; Hockey, R; Mishra, GReport 
2016Rurality and self-reported health in women with a history of intimate partner violenceHussain, Rafat; Khan, Asad; Loxton, Deborah; Dillon, GJournal Article 
loxton.pdf.jpg2003Women's experience of domestic abuse in rural and remote AustraliaSchofield, Margot; Loxton, Deborah; Hussain, RafatConference Paper