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2020COVID-19 and social distancing measures in Queensland, Australia, are associated with short-term decreases in recorded violent crimePayne, Jason L.; Piquero, Alex R.; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
2020COVID-19 and Violent Crime: A comparison of recorded offence rates and dynamic forecasts (ARIMA) for March 2020 in Queensland, AustraliaPayne, Jason; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
2021The criminal career trajectories of domestic violence offendersBoxall, Hayley; Dowling, Christopher; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
ti580_domestic_violence_offenders_prior_offending.pdf.jpg2019Domestic violence offenders, prior offending and reoffending in AustraliaHulme, Shann; Boxall, Hayley; Morgan, AnthonyReport 
2020Domestic violence offending and reoffending in Australia: Key findings from AIC researchBoxall, Hayley; Brown, Rick; Dowling, Christopher; Morgan, Anthony; Boyd, Chloe; Voce, IsabellaVideo 
2022Economic insecurity and intimate partner violence in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemicMorgan, Anthony; Boxall, HayleyReport 
2012Evaluation of alternative dispute resolution initiatives in the care and protection jurisdiction of the NSW Children's CourtResearch and Public Policy SeriesTerer, Kiptoo; Boxall, Hayley; Morgan, Anthony; Harris, NathanReport 
2012Evaluation of the Family Group Conferencing pilot programResearch and Public Policy SeriesTerer, Kiptoo; Boxall, Hayley; Morgan, AnthonyReport 
2010Evaluation of the Queensland Murri Court : final reportTechnical and Background Paper SeriesLouis, Erin; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
2021Experiences of coercive control among Australian womenBoxall, Hayley; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
2021Experiences of domestic violence among women with restrictive long-term health conditions: Report for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with DisabilityMorgan, Anthony; Boxall, Hayley; Brown, RickJournal Article 
2020Female perpetrated domestic violence: Prevalence of self-defensive and retaliatory violenceBoxall, Hayley; Morgan, Anthony; Dowling, ChristopherJournal Article 
21-Jun-2023Improving police risk assessment of domestic violence: A follow-up validation studyDowling, Christopher; Wolbers, Heather; Morgan, Anthony; Long, Cameron; Dowling, Christopher; Dowling, ChristopherJournal Article 
2018Is methamphetamine use associated with domestic violence?Morgan, Anthony; Dowling, ChristopherReport 
2009Key issues in domestic violenceChadwick, Hannah; Western Australia; Morgan, AnthonyNon-Fiction 
2009Key issues in domestic violenceResearch in PracticeChadwick, Hannah; Morgan, AnthonyJournal Article 
2020Methamphetamine dependence and domestic violence among police detaineesGannoni, Alexandra; Morgan, AnthonyReport 
2018Policing domestic violence : a review of the evidenceDowling, Christopher; Voce, Isabella; Boyd, Chloe; Morgan, AnthonyReport 
2020Policing repeat domestic violence: Would focused deterrence work in AustraliaMorgan, Anthony; Brown, Rick; Dowling, Christopher; Boxall, HayleyJournal Article 
ti581_predicting_repeat_domestic_violence_(1).pdf.jpg2019Predicting repeat domestic violence: Improving police risk assessmentDowling, Christopher; Morgan, Anthonywebsite