Author Pittaway, Eileen

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2005From horror to hope : a training kit addressing domestic violence amongst refugee families who have settled in Australia [DVD]Pittaway, Eileendvd 
2007Gendered dimensions of the 2004 tsunami and a potential social work response in post-disaster situationsRees, Susan; Bartolomei, Linda; Pittaway, EileenJournal Article 
2013Improving responses to refugees with backgrounds of multiple trauma : pointers for practitioners in domestic and family violence, sexual assault and settlement servicesPractice monographPittaway, Eileen; Allimant, Annabelle; Ostapiej-Piatkowski, Beata; Bartolomei, Linda; Zannettino, Lana; Eckert, Rebecca; Parris, JillJournal Article 
2006Multiple jeopardy: Domestic violence and the notion of cumulative risk for women in refugee campsPittaway, Eileen; Rees, SusanJournal Article 
2006Multiple jeopardy: domestic violence and the notion of cumulative risk for women in refugee campsRees, Susan; Pittaway, EileenJournal Article 
2004Refugee Woman': A Dangerous Label: Opening A Discussion the Role of Identity and Intersectional Oppression in the Failure of the International Refugee Protection Regime For Refugee WomenPittaway, Eileen; Pittaway, EmmaJournal Article 
2005Refugee women at risk : assessment tool and response mechanismBartolomei, Linda; Pittaway, EileenReport 
2002Refugees, race and gender: the multiple discrimination against refugee womenBartolomei, Linda; Pittaway, EileenJournal Article 
2004Seeking Hope Seeking Safety: Refugee Women at RiskPittaway, EileenNon-Fiction 
2004The ultimate betrayal: an examination of the experiences of domestic and family violence in refugee communitiesOccasional paper (University of New South Wales. Centre for Refugee Research)Pittaway, EileenJournal Article 
2005Waves of violence – women in post-tsunami Sri LankaPittaway, Eileen; Rees, Susan; Bartolomei, LindaJournal Article