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Type: Journal Article
Title: Improving responses to refugees with backgrounds of multiple trauma : pointers for practitioners in domestic and family violence, sexual assault and settlement servicesPractice monograph
Authors: Pittaway, Eileen
Allimant, Annabelle
Ostapiej-Piatkowski, Beata
Bartolomei, Linda
Zannettino, Lana
Eckert, Rebecca
Parris, Jill
Keywords: Sexual assault;Refugee communities;Perpetrators;Service provision;Risk assessment;Mental health
Categories: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse / Migrant / Refugee communities
Year: 2013
Publisher: Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse, UNSW
Citation: No. 1
Notes:  This practice monograph brings together five contributions from writers who are recognised for their expertise and experience working with refugees who have histories of trauma, including torture, sexual violence and domestic and family violence. Each contributor offers valuable insight into the enhancement of practice across work with refugee women who experience domestic and family violence.

Collectively, the contributions underline the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration and of the need for multi-agency responses. As with all areas of domestic and family violence work, the development of appropriate responses to the needs of women who have multiple experiences of trauma is unlikely without agencies from settlement services, torture and trauma services, sexual violence and domestic and family violence services working together, and without input from women themselves.
Contents:  Foreword
About the Contributions
Refugees, sexual and domestic violence and prior experiences of trauma: introduction and context, Lana Zannettino
Domestic violence, refugees and prior experiences of sexual violence: factors affecting therapeutic and support service provision, Eileen Pittaway and Rebecca Eckert
Best practice considerations when responding to people from CaLD backgrounds, including refugees, with mental health issues and experiences of domestic and sexual violence, Beata Ostapiej-Piatkowski & Annabelle Allimant
Responding to refugees affected by domestic and sexual violence: working with men, Jill Parris
The Women at Risk Assessment Tool, Eileen Pittaway, Rebecca Eckert, Linda Bartolomei
Conclusion, Lana Zannettino
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ISBN: 9780733433412
Physical description: 40 p.
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