Author Quadara, Antonia

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2012Addressing women's victimisation histories in custodial settingsIssues : Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual AssaultStathopoulos, Mary; Clark, Haley; Fileborn, Bianca; Quadara, AntoniaJournal Article 
2015Conceptualising the prevention of child sexual abuse : final reportSiegel, Natalie; Quadara, Antonia; Nagy, Vicky; Higgins, DarylReport 
2007Considering 'elder abuse' and sexual assaultQuadara, AntoniaJournal Article 
2017The effects of pornography on children and young people : an evidence scanQuadara, Antonia; Latham, Joe; El-Murr, AlissarReport 
2006'Elder abuse' and the sexual assault of older womenQuadara, AntoniaJournal Article 
Final-Landscapes-24-7-2015-1.pdf.jpg2015Establishing the connection [between alcohol and other drug use and sexual victimisation]: State of knowledgeJenkinson, Rebecca; Stathopoulos, Mary; Quadara, AntoniaReport 
Research_20Report_20-_20Family_20relationships_20and_20the_20disclosure_20of_20institutional_20child_20sexual_20abuse_20-_20Treatment_20and_20support_20needs.pdf.jpg2016Family relationships and the disclosure of institutional child sexual abuse : report for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseStathopoulos, Mary; Quadara, Antonia; Carson, RachelReport 
research_report_-_frameworks_for_historical_influences_on_institutional_child_sexual_abuse_-_causes.pdf.jpg2016Framework for historical influences on institutional child sexual abuse : 1950-2014Quadara, AntoniaReport 
PI_17_07-Quadara-RR-YPHSB-FINAL.pdf.jpg2020Good practice in delivering and evaluating interventions for young people with harmful sexual behavioursQuadara, Antonia; Vu, Linna; Douglas, Will; Ball, Olivia; O’Brien, WendyReport 
2010Insights into sexual assault perpetration : giving voice to victim/survivors' knowledgeClark, Haley; Quadara, AntoniaReport Section 
2012The nature and extent of sexual assault and abuse in AustraliaQuadara, Antonia; Tarczon, CindyFact Sheet 
2009Prevention frameworksDuncanson, Kirsty; Quadara, Antonia; Clark, HaleyJournal Article 
2016Principles of trauma-informed approaches to child sexual abuse : a discussion paper10000939Hunter, Cathryn; Quadara, AntoniaReport 
2008Responding to young people disclosing sexual assault: A resource for schoolsQuadara, AntoniaNon-Fiction 
2008Sex workers and sexual assault in AustraliaQuadara, AntoniaJournal Article 
2012What is effective primary prevention in sexual assault : translating the evidence for actionQuadara, Antonia; Wall, LizJournal Article 
2012What is effective primary prevention in sexual assault? : translating the evidence for actionWall, Liz; Quadara, AntoniaJournal Article