Author Rhoades, Helen

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2000Child law reforms in Australia: a shifting landscapeRhoades, HelenJournal Article 
2022Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: Final reportHorsfall, Briony; Qu, Lixia; De Maio, John; Rhoades, Helen; Stevens, Emily; Press, Louise; Dimopoulos, Georgina; Carson, Rachel; Kaspiew, RaeReport 
2022Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: Views of professionals and judicial officersHorsfall, Briony; Stevens, Emily; Kaspiew, Rae; Carson, Rachel; Rhoades, Helen; Qu, Lixia; De Maio, JohnReport 
2016Elder abuse : understanding issues, frameworks and responsesKaspiew, Rae; Rhoades, Helen; Carson, RachelReport 
1999The Family Law Reform Act 1995 : can changing legislation change legal culture, legal practice and community expectations? Interim report, April 1999Rhoades, Helen; Harrison, Margaret; Graycar, RegReport 
2000The Family Law Reform Act 1995 : the first three yearsRhoades, Helen; Harrison, Margaret; Graycar, RegNon-Fiction 
2001The first three years of the Family Law Reform Act 1995Graycar, Regina; Harrison, Margaret; Rhoades, HelenJournal Article 
2000Posing as reform: the case of the Family Law Reform ActRhoades, HelenJournal Article 
2001Researching family law reform: the authors respondGraycar, Reg; Rhoades, Helen; Harrison, MargaretJournal Article 
2010Revising Australia's parenting laws: a plea for a relational approach to children's best interestsRhoades, HelenJournal Article