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Type: Book Chapter
Title: Violence against women: crimes, not misdemeanours
Other Titles: In the shadow of the law : the legal context of social work practice
Authors: Gilmore, Kate
Keywords: Legal issues
Year: 2002
Publisher: Federation Press, Annandale
Notes:  Examines legal aspects of violence against women, as well as sexual assault and family violence, from a feminist perspective, highlighting some of the reasons why a ‘gender agenda’ is critical to any relevant and effective discussion of such issues. The relationship between social work, violence against women and the law is then explored, arguing that there is a lack of recognition, within the legal system, of the role of power and gender in family contexts and a tendency to view intimate violence against women as something other than criminal. A ‘rights model’ is suggested as a way of integrating criminal and civil remedies into domestic violence practice settings, emphasising the importance of securing victim safety, ensuring access to additional rights such as welfare entitlements and compensation and acknowledgement by the justice system of the victim’s experience through the enhancement of mechanisms of accountability. The promotion of an official and public agenda for the elimination of violence against women, capable of translating legal justice into social justice, is suggested as a way of addressing the contradictions and limitations inherent within the legal system whilst maintaining a recognition of the law’s potential for effecting positive social change.
ISBN: 9781862874237
Physical description: xvi, 294 p. ; 24 cm.
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