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Type: book
Title: 101 ways great and small to prevent family violence : a Victorian resource kit bursting with community-based education projects to end family violence
Authors: Finucane, Moira C.G
Finucane, Susan S
Keywords: Disability;Policy;Indigenous issues;Community development;Peer education;Gay/lesbian/transgender;Representations of women;Legal issues;Advocacy;Prevention;Homicide;Cross-cultural;Regional rural and remote areas;Community attitudes;Workplaces;Dating violence;Community education;CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse);Human rights;Psychological abuse;Financial abuse;Impact on children and young people;Interagency work;Criminal justice responses;Overview;Personal stories;Religious groups
ANRA Topic: Policing and legal responses
Categories: Prevention
Year: 2004
Publisher: Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre

Aimed at practitioners working in community development projects to prevent domestic violence, this resource book contains an introduction on definitions of family violence and an overview of related human rights, international, national and Victorian law. It refers to specific issues experienced by women with disabilities, Indigenous people, those in same-sex relationships, rural women and women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Fifty-nine projects from around Australia and the Pacific are outlined, under the headings: Working with Women; Working with Children and Young People; Working with Men; and Changing the Rules - Responsibility, Policy and Law. There is also a section on Issues, Lessons and Hot Tips, as well as web resources.

ISBN: 9780646437422
Physical description: 118 p.
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